We recently⁢ had the opportunity to try out ​the Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini fridge Small Refrigerator⁣ 3.3 Cubic Feet Black, and we were pleasantly surprised by⁤ its performance. This compact fridge is perfect ‍for bedrooms, offices, or‍ dorm rooms with its adjustable shelves and ⁣reversible door feature. Despite its small size, it can hold plenty of food and groceries, making ​it a convenient option⁣ for ⁣those​ looking ⁣to save space. With its energy-efficient design and separate freezer ​compartment, this fridge is​ not only practical but also environmentally friendly. Join us as we dive into the details of this Mini fridge and share our firsthand experience with this versatile appliance.

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The Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini Fridge is a fantastic ⁢addition to any bedroom, ⁤office, or dorm room. Despite its⁢ compact appearance, this refrigerator can hold ‍a surprising amount of food ⁤and‌ groceries, making it perfect for storing snacks and​ beverages. The adjustable‍ legs and reversible door feature add a level of convenience that is ⁢truly appreciated. Whether you need ⁢the door to swing left or right, this fridge has you covered.

Not only is this mini‍ fridge practical and efficient, but it also helps you save money on your utility bills with its low 220 kWh annual energy consumption. The separate freezer compartment is great for foods that require extra ​chilling, although it is not suitable for storing frozen foods or making ice cubes. Overall,‌ the Midea WHS-121LB1 is a reliable⁢ and energy-efficient option for those looking​ to keep their⁢ food and drinks cold without breaking the bank.Interested in this cool mini fridge? ⁤Check it⁤ out on Amazon for more details!

Compact Design​ with Spacious Interior

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When it comes to the Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini Fridge, the compact design truly belies ‍its spacious interior. At first glance, ⁢this refrigerator might look small, but don’t be ‌deceived – it can hold plenty ⁣of food ⁤and groceries. The internal ‍walls ‌of the main compartment are slightly tapered toward⁢ the back, maximizing storage space and allowing you to stock up on⁤ all your favorite snacks ⁢and beverages. With large storage areas, this fridge‍ is excellent at chilling your ⁤items to perfection, whether you’re craving a cold drink or‌ a healthy snack.

One of the standout features⁣ of‌ this mini fridge ‌is the reversible ⁣door, which can be attached to swing right or left for added convenience. Additionally, the adjustable legs ensure that this fridge can fit seamlessly into any space, whether it’s in your bedroom,⁣ office, or dorm⁤ room. With ‌an energy star rating and a noise rating of 42 dB, this refrigerator is not only practical but‌ also environmentally friendly. If ⁣you’re looking for a compact fridge with ample⁤ storage space and efficient cooling capabilities, the Midea WHS-121LB1 is ‍the ⁢perfect choice for ‌you. Upgrade your space with this versatile and stylish mini ‍fridge today!

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Energy-Efficient Performance

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When it comes to energy‌ efficiency, the​ Midea Mini Fridge definitely stands out. With an annual energy consumption of 220 ‍kWh, this refrigerator not only helps you save money on utility bills but also contributes to a greener environment. Despite its compact size, this fridge offers a spacious⁤ 3.3 cubic feet ​of storage capacity, making it ⁢perfect for storing all your favorite foods and groceries.

One feature⁣ that adds to the convenience of‌ this fridge is the reversible door, allowing you to easily adjust it to swing right or left based ‌on your preference. Additionally, the adjustable legs make it easy ⁢to level the fridge on any surface. With large storage areas that are excellent at chilling beverages and healthy snacks, this Energy Star rated appliance is a ⁣great addition​ to ⁢any bedroom,​ office, or dorm room.⁤ If you’re looking for a‌ reliable and energy-efficient mini fridge, look no further than the Midea WHS-121LB1.

Convenient Features and Adjustable ‍Options

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When it comes to convenience and customization options, the Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini Fridge has got you covered. ‌The adjustable legs allow you to set the perfect height for your needs, whether you want it ​higher for easier access or lower for better integration into your space. ⁣Plus, with the reversible door feature, you⁤ can choose to ‍have ⁤it ⁢swing open from the left or right, depending on your preference and layout.

This mini fridge may be compact ⁣in size, but it packs a ‍punch in terms of storage capacity. The internal walls of the main‌ compartment are slightly tapered towards the back, allowing for more storage space without taking up extra room in your bedroom, office, or dorm. The separate freezer ‌compartment is perfect ‍for items that need extra chilling, making it the perfect addition to your space for keeping beverages and healthy‌ snacks cold and fresh. Don’t miss out on these – check out the Midea WHS-121LB1 ​Mini Fridge ‍today! Check it out here!

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer ⁤Reviews Analysis

Review Rating
You know when you buy something and put it in the fridge ​and decide to finally go and ‍have some 2‍ days later only to find your ​teenage son drank or ate all of it!! then all you see is a “tiny corner left for you”. I finally decided to put my own fridge in my bedroom for my things. I love this fridge. ‍ The funny thing is my‌ beverages are colder ⁣than the fridge ‍in the kitchen (probably because the door of fridge gets a constant ​workout from my son). This has worked so well for me. Good quality, great temp settings and just enough space. ⁤ It even‌ came packaged very securely. Great product and quality. I totally recommend this. 5/5
I do not expect appliances to last more than 5 years anymore ‍but this refrigerator still going and I bought it back in September ⁤2017. During the summer⁢ it has to be defrosted⁣ relatively often because of the humidity but I’m actually surprised⁣ it still working just fine. ⁣The only feature that I do not use for anything‍ is the soda can slot. Also, the freezer⁤ is okay for a couple of things but doesn’t freeze everything. 4/5
Solid product 3/5
The fridge part is perfect. It has lots of compartments and space. The freezer ⁣part is pretty terrible. Not sure if this is a‌ fluke, but the freezer does not ⁤get cool ⁢enough to keep ice cream frozen (even ⁢on max temp). However, ‌the products‌ in⁤ the fridge underneath the freezer will freeze – ⁤interestingly‌ enough. The ‌freezer door is also very limiting and overall the freezer⁣ is very small. If you’re thinking about ⁢trying to store a pint of ice cream in it, you can, but it takes a lot of maneuvering to get ⁣the ice cream to fit. It’ll only⁢ fit horizontally, not standing up vertically. You also have to get ⁣the ice cream pint past the door, so it takes effort. Once its in there, ‌it wont freeze. 2/5
I placed my order on a‌ Thursday afternoon and​ by Saturday ‌around 11am, USPS had made delivery. ‌I waited the recommended 4 hours as per the instructions to plug in the unit and let⁣ it cool down overnight. It works like a Champion. I purchased this as a ⁢beverage fridge to clear up space in a smaller standard sized refrigerator. ⁢We have it stocked⁤ with around 20 beers, a few 2-liter bottles, and around 10 standard size ⁣water bottles. There is still an entire shelf completely empty. I’m very‍ happy with this purchase and I can recommend it to other buyers. IF the company did a poor job of packaging these​ fridges in the past I have to assume that they‌ have corrected this problem. Anyone complaining about the ‌product being dented, or scratched during transit is really complaining ​about ‌the shipper and not the company. 5/5
I finally got fed up with my husband⁣ using up all of my kitchen fridge space for beer and soda, so I went shopping for a beverage ⁤fridge. At first I ​looked at refrigerators designated “beverage”, but⁣ they were kind of⁤ fancy and quite expensive. I finally decided‍ to take a chance⁤ with this one, even though it was quite a bit cheaper than the fancy fridges. I’ve had it for about a month‌ now, and I love it! We can fit a lot of beverages, ‍wine ⁣and⁤ other small items​ in it, and now I have so much more room in my kitchen fridge! We keep it in our TV room, and the noise is barely noticeable. ​ I’ve set​ it ​at about the medium temp setting, and⁢ the sodas on the top shelf get just a tiny bit‍ icy,‍ which ‌is just how I like it. Why didn’t I do ⁢this a long time ago? 5/5
Initially I was going to reverse the door but the manual ⁢said if the fridge gets tipped on its side for any period of time, you ​have to wait 24 hours to plug it in (as opposed to 3 or 4 hours). I don’t know how important it is to actually ‌follow that ⁣rule, but heck, ⁤it’s my⁣ first mini-fridge and⁢ my priority was cold beverages. I got the 3.3 cubic foot. It deep and holds a lot. You can also remove the shelves which is handy. I love it so far. It’s‌ cold, and ⁤super quiet. It’s⁢ in my office and I‌ don’t like a lot of noise when I’m working — I⁤ don’t⁤ notice it at all. I keep my dog’s little icecream ⁤cups in the freezer for⁣ when he comes to hangout.⁤ Size-wise, the freezer could probably hold two frozen meals. I’m⁣ not usually⁢ one to buy a warranty‍ but it​ was cheap and the reviews on its customer service were good so I figured ‘what the hell.’ With my luck, ⁤the fridge will ⁣break on day 366. 4/5
This mini refrigerator was perfect for my needs. It ⁣was just ‌the‍ right ‌size and ‌keeps everything cold on the recommended medium setting. It shipped immediately after ordering, was delivered within 2 days and was easy to remove from the shipping container.⁣ It is quiet and a ‍good deal for the price. 5/5
Excellent 1/5

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ⁢Cons


1. Energy Efficient
2. Adjustable Legs and Reversible Door
3. Spacious Storage Areas
4. Separate Freezer Compartment
5. Quiet Operation


1. Not Suitable for Frozen Foods
2. Limited Temperature⁢ Range
3. ‍Indoor ⁣Use Only

Overall,⁣ the Midea WHS-121LB1 ‍Mini Fridge is a great option for those looking for a‌ compact and efficient refrigerator for ​their bedroom, office, or dorm room. The energy efficiency, adjustable features, and spacious⁢ storage areas make it a practical choice. However, it is worth considering the limitations in terms⁤ of ‌temperature range, use for frozen foods, and indoor use only.


Q: Can this mini fridge fit in a small bedroom or dorm room?
A: Yes! The Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini‍ fridge is designed to fit easily⁤ in small spaces like bedrooms, offices, or dorm rooms. It has a compact size of 17.7”​ D x ‍18.6” ‌W x‌ 33.9” ⁢H, making it perfect for tight ​quarters.

Q: Is it noisy?
A: Not at all! This fridge has a noise rating of only 42 dB, so⁣ you can enjoy​ a quiet environment while keeping your food and drinks chilled.

Q: Can I adjust the temperature ‍of the fridge?
A: Yes, the temperature range of the ‌Midea mini fridge is from 32ᵒ to 35.6ᵒ Fahrenheit, allowing you to customize the temperature based ‌on your preferences.

Q: Does it have a freezer compartment?
A: Yes,‍ this ‌mini fridge includes⁣ a separate freezer compartment for foods that need extra chilling. However, it is not suitable for ⁤storing frozen foods or making ice cubes.

Q: Can the⁤ door be adjusted to open from either side?
A: Absolutely! The Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini fridge features a reversible door that can be attached to swing right or left, providing added convenience for your space.

Q: Is this mini fridge energy-efficient?
A: ​Yes, ​this fridge is Energy Star⁢ rated, with an annual energy consumption of 220 kWh.⁣ This helps you ‍save money ⁢on your utility bills and contributes to a greener environment.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As we wrap up our ⁤review⁣ of the Midea WHS-121LB1 Mini Fridge, we⁢ can confidently say that this compact refrigerator packs a powerful punch when ⁤it comes to convenience and efficiency. With its adjustable ⁢features, ⁢spacious ‍storage capacity, and energy-saving design, this fridge is ⁤the perfect addition to any bedroom, office, or dorm.

So, why wait? Score‍ big ‍savings this Black Friday and upgrade your refrigeration game with the Midea WHS-121LB1. Click here to get yours now⁤ and enjoy chilled beverages‍ and snacks at your fingertips: Get your Midea Mini Fridge⁤ now!

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