Welcome⁤ to our product review blog post‍ where we ​will be sharing our firsthand experience with ⁣the W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket.‍ This gasket is compatible with Whirlpool, Jenn Air, Maytag, Kenmore, and ⁢Kitchen⁢ Aid refrigerators, making it a versatile ‍option for⁢ many different models.

The W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket ⁤is designed⁣ to replace the ⁤OEM seal and is also compatible with several other models, such as 12723206AP, W10179332, ​W10179332N, W10199876, W10443225, and W10571956. Made of ​high-quality EPDM ‌rubber and featuring magnetic strips, this gasket is durable and meets or exceeds OEM⁤ specifications. ‍

Before ordering, it’s important to double-check the suitable model number and size to avoid ‍any‍ issues.‍ The length of the gasket⁤ is 39.2 inches, the width is ​16.3 inches, and the slot width is 0.4‌ inches. The measurement method ‌is⁣ explained ⁢in detail in the product description, so you can ensure you are‌ ordering the correct size for ⁤your refrigerator.

The after-sales service provided by the ‌meifrenship team is professional and timely, so if⁢ you‌ have any questions ⁢or encounter any issues during installation,‌ they are there to help. Stay tuned to hear about our​ firsthand experience with ⁣the W10830162 Refrigerator French⁤ Door Gasket and⁤ how it ​performed in our own refrigerator.

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When looking⁢ for a replacement refrigerator French door⁢ gasket, ⁤we ⁤came across this product that caught our attention. The W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket offers a high-quality⁤ solution for those in need of a ‌durable ‌seal‌ for their fridge. Made of ⁤EPDM rubber and equipped with magnetic strips, this‌ gasket meets or exceeds OEM specifications, ensuring a tight and ⁤secure fit.

One thing ‍we⁤ appreciated‍ about this product is the detailed instructions provided ⁤for⁤ measuring ⁣and confirming the correct size ⁣before ordering. With a length​ of 39.2 ​inches and a⁣ width of 16.3 inches, this gasket is compatible with various Whirlpool models, such as WRF535SWHZ, WRF535SMBM, KRFC300ESS, KRFF305ESS, and WRF535SWHV. If you encounter any issues during installation or have any questions post-purchase, the meifrenship ‍team offers professional after-sales service to assist ​you. Don’t hesitate to ‌click here ⁣to get ⁤your hands on this reliable refrigerator gasket replacement!

Product ⁢Features and Highlights

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The W10830162 Refrigerator French Door⁣ Gasket is a ‍top-quality replacement⁤ part that offers great features and ​highlights. Made of high-quality EPDM rubber and‍ magnetic strips, this durable gasket meets or‌ exceeds​ OEM specification quality standards. The gasket‍ is designed to perfectly ‍fit Whirlpool models ‍such⁢ as WRF535SWHZ, WRF535SMBM, ‌KRFC300ESS, ‍KRFF305ESS, and WRF535SWHV,⁣ providing a snug and ⁢secure ⁣seal that helps maintain the freshness and integrity of your food‌ items.

Before ordering, it is crucial to double-check the⁣ suitable model number and size to prevent any issues related to​ incorrect sizing. The gasket has a length of 39.2 inches and a width of 16.3 inches, with a slot width of 0.4 inches. To ensure accurate measurement, remove ⁢the refrigerator seal and ⁢measure the length and⁢ width ⁣between ⁣the outer diameter of⁣ the ⁤slots on ⁤the refrigerator⁣ door. ⁣If you encounter any installation or⁢ after-sales issues, the meifrenship‍ team is ready to provide ‌professional and timely ⁢assistance. Upgrade⁢ your refrigerator with this versatile and ⁢reliable French door gasket to enjoy a more⁢ efficient and‌ long-lasting seal. Check it out ​on Amazon ⁣today!

Detailed⁣ Insights and‍ Recommendations

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Looking for a reliable solution to replace your refrigerator door gasket? Look no further!‍ Our ⁣refrigerator French door gasket ⁢is a​ direct​ replacement for ‍several Whirlpool models, including WRF535SWHZ, WRF535SMBM, KRFC300ESS, KRFF305ESS, and WRF535SWHV. ⁢Made of⁣ high-quality EPDM rubber and magnetic strips, this durable gasket meets or exceeds OEM specifications, ⁢ensuring a secure and tight ⁤seal for‌ your refrigerator⁢ door. To ensure you get the right size, simply remove the current seal, measure the length and ‍width between the outer diameter of the slots on your refrigerator door, and‍ refer to⁣ our schematic diagram for guidance.

It ‌is crucial ⁣to double-check the model number and ⁤size before placing your order to ‍avoid any ​unnecessary‍ hassle. If you encounter any issues during‍ installation or have any after-sales ⁢concerns, our meifrenship team is⁤ here to provide timely and professional ⁣assistance.⁤ Don’t waste your‌ valuable time and money on incorrect model ‌numbers or sizes – trust in our‌ reliable‌ refrigerator French door ⁤gasket for a seamless ⁣replacement process. Upgrade your refrigerator door seal today and enjoy peace of mind knowing your food will stay fresh and your energy bills ⁢will stay low. Check out ​our product on Amazon here!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the customer reviews for the W10830162‌ Refrigerator French Door Gasket,‌ we found a⁤ mix ​of experiences⁣ and opinions regarding this product.

Pros Cons
Easy to ‌install Some customers reported⁤ the ‌gasket didn’t⁣ fit
Great price compared to ⁣others One customer ⁣mentioned the magnet didn’t work
Improves‌ refrigerator‍ door closing Not as strong ‍magnetic seal as ​the​ original

One⁤ customer mentioned that following ⁣the installation‍ instructions, letting the gasket come ⁤to room ⁢temperature, and watching ⁤a YouTube‌ video made the ‌installation⁢ process ​quick⁤ and easy. ​Another customer‍ highlighted that the seal solved ⁤their issue​ with the ⁣refrigerator door not closing properly.

However,​ some customers reported that the⁢ gasket⁤ didn’t fit properly or that the magnetic seal was not as strong as the ​original seal. One customer mentioned that the magnet didn’t appear to work at all.

Overall, the majority of customers⁣ were satisfied with the W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket, noting ⁢its ease of⁤ installation and ​effectiveness ‍in⁤ solving their refrigerator door issues. ⁤However, some customers experienced fit and magnet strength concerns.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1. High quality EPDM rubber composition
2. Magnetic strips ensure⁤ proper‍ sealing
3. Durable gaskets that meet or⁢ exceed OEM specifications
4. Compatible​ with ​various Whirlpool models
5. Easy measurement method provided for accurate ‌size ‍ordering


1. May require careful measurement to ensure ​correct ​fit
2. Some users may find the installation process challenging
3. Limited documentation‌ provided ​with the product

Overall,⁣ the‍ W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket offers high quality material and compatibility ‍with various models,​ but ‌users should take care with measurements and may need assistance with installation.


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Q: ⁢Can this French door gasket be used on a Maytag refrigerator?
A: Yes, this French door‍ gasket is compatible with Maytag refrigerators, along with Whirlpool, Jenn Air,‌ Kenmore, and KitchenAid models.

Q: How do‍ I know ⁢if this gasket will fit​ my refrigerator?
A: Before ordering, make⁣ sure to double-check ‍your refrigerator model number and size to ensure the gasket will be a perfect fit. We provide a schematic diagram in our product images⁣ to ‍help you⁤ with the measurement method.

Q: Is the quality ⁣of this gasket durable?
A: Yes, ‌the⁣ refrigerator door gaskets‍ are made of ⁢high-quality EPDM‍ rubber with​ magnetic‌ strips,⁢ meeting or exceeding OEM specifications for quality.

Q: How is the after-sales service for this product?
A: Our‍ team at ‍meifrenship ​provides‍ timely​ and professional ​after-sales service. If you have any questions ⁣about installation or encounter any issues, feel ⁢free to contact us for ‍assistance. ⁢

Q:⁢ Can this ​gasket be used to replace multiple models?
A: Yes, this refrigerator French door gasket is a direct replacement for‌ several Whirlpool models, including WRF535SWHZ, WRF535SMBM, ‍KRFC300ESS, KRFF305ESS,‍ and WRF535SWHV. It is also compatible with other⁢ models listed in the product description.

Experience the ⁤Difference

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We⁢ hope our ultimate review of the W10830162 Refrigerator French Door Gasket has provided you with all the information you need⁤ to make an informed⁢ decision. Remember to ‍double check the model number and size before ordering to ensure⁣ a perfect​ fit ‍for your refrigerator. If you have any ​questions or need assistance,​ feel free ⁣to reach ‌out to the meifrenship team for professional after-sales ⁤support.⁢ Don’t miss out on⁣ upgrading your refrigerator with this high-quality ⁣replacement gasket! Click here to get⁤ yours now: Purchase‍ Now.

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