Looking for a reliable and stylish replacement door shelf bin for your ‍LG refrigerator? Look no further⁢ than the LG MAN62570801​ Genuine‍ OEM Door Shelf Bin. We had the opportunity to test​ out this high quality OEM part, and we were⁣ impressed with its durable materials and⁤ exact ⁤fit for a ‌variety of LG refrigerator models. The clear plastic design allows⁢ for easy⁤ visibility of your items ‍stored on the shelf, while ​the 27″ by 5″ by 5″ size provides ample space ‌for your ⁢groceries. Whether you have the LTC24380ST,⁤ LTCS24223W,⁣ or any other compatible ⁢model, ⁣this Genuine LG OEM Factory ‌part is sure to meet your needs. Stay tuned for our full review of the LG MAN62570801‌ Door Shelf Bin ⁣for LG Refrigerators!

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The LG MAN62570801 Genuine OEM Door Shelf Bin for LG Refrigerators is⁢ a high-quality and stylishly designed replacement part that offers a ‌reliable solution‍ for your refrigerator needs. With durable materials ​and exact specifications, this door shelf bin‍ ensures a perfect fit for a variety of LG Refrigerator models, including LTC24380ST, LTC24380SW, and LTCS24223W.

This clear plastic shelf bin measures‌ 27″‍ by 5″ by 5″, ⁤providing‌ ample space for ​storing your items while allowing ⁤for ‍easy visibility. Manufactured⁢ as‌ a genuine OEM part by‍ LG, you can trust in the quality and durability of this door shelf bin for long-lasting performance. Upgrade your refrigerator‌ with confidence and‌ get your Genuine LG OEM Door Shelf ⁤Bin today!

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Key Features⁢ and ⁣Benefits

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The LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf ‌Bin⁤ is a ‌must-have for LG Refrigerator owners looking for a reliable and stylish replacement part. Made with durable materials and designed with ‌precision, this OEM factory part is guaranteed to⁢ provide‌ an exact fit for a variety of LG Refrigerator models. Measuring at 27″ ‌by 5″ by 5″, this clear plastic shelf bin offers great visibility for stored items, making it ‌easy to organize and⁢ access⁣ your refrigerator contents. It’s time to upgrade your ‌refrigerator ⁣with this ⁢high-quality shelf ⁤bin that combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

With the ⁤LG MAN62570801 Door ‌Shelf Bin, you can trust that you’re getting a top-notch ‌OEM factory part that is built to ‍last. This genuine LG replacement part ⁣is clear plastic and specifically designed for select LG Refrigerator models, ⁤ensuring​ a perfect⁣ fit every time. Don’t ⁢settle ​for less ‍when it comes to​ repairing your appliance – choose‌ the LG MAN62570801 for peace of⁣ mind and confidence in your refrigerator’s performance. Upgrade ⁣your refrigerator ⁢today and experience the difference⁣ with this premium LG OEM​ shelf bin!

In-depth Analysis ⁣and Recommendations

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After ​conducting an in-depth analysis of the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin for LG‍ Refrigerators, ​we can confidently recommend this product​ to anyone in need of a high-quality replacement part. The⁣ shelf bin is manufactured with ⁢durable materials, ensuring long-lasting ‍use and reliability. With⁢ exact ‌specifications ⁤for ​a variety of LG Refrigerator models, ⁣you can‍ trust that this OEM​ part will provide⁢ an exact fit for ⁣your appliance.

The clear plastic design of the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin allows for visibility of⁤ items stored on the shelf, making it convenient to locate your essentials. This 27″ by ⁤5″ by 5″ shelf bin is easy to install by following the instructions provided in ‌the installation manual. Don’t hesitate ‍to repair your appliance with confidence by choosing Genuine LG OEM ⁤Factory parts like the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin. Upgrade your refrigerator today and replace your ‌old, worn-out shelf bin with ⁣this premium OEM part!

Compatible Models Size
LTC24380ST,‍ LTC24380SW, LTCS24223W, LTCS24223S 27″ x 5″ x ⁢5″
LTCS24223B, LTCS24223D, LTWS24223S, 68032
68036, 78032, 79432, 68039, 68033
78039, 78033, 79439, 79433,‍ LTC24380SB

Upgrade your⁤ refrigerator with the Genuine LG MAN62570801 OEM⁢ Door Shelf Bin today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After reviewing the customer⁤ feedback​ for​ the LG ⁣MAN62570801 Genuine OEM Door Shelf Bin for‍ LG ‌Refrigerators, we can see that there‍ is a mix of positive and negative⁣ experiences with this product.

Overall Feedback Details
Positive ​Aspects Customers appreciated the perfect fit of the shelf bin and the easy‍ installation process. The fast shipping and excellent ​service provided by ​the vendor were also highlighted.
Negative Aspects Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the high price⁤ of the​ part, considering‌ it ‌is made of‍ plastic. ‌There were also complaints about receiving broken shelf bins.

It seems that the durability of the shelf bins is a⁤ concern for ⁢some customers, with a few individuals mentioning the need for multiple ‍replacements over the years. ⁢However, those who received the product‌ in‍ good condition were ​pleased with the quality and ‌performance of the OEM part.

Overall, while there are some issues to be aware⁣ of, the LG MAN62570801 Genuine OEM Door‍ Shelf Bin seems to be a reliable replacement option for LG refrigerators in need of⁣ a new ⁢shelf‍ bin.

Pros ⁣& ‍Cons

Pros & Cons


1. ‍Genuine OEM part
2. Exact fit for compatible models
3. Durable materials⁤ ensure longevity
4. Clear plastic⁣ for visibility of ​items
5. Easy to install with included instructions


1. Only compatible with⁢ specific LG ‍Refrigerator models
2. May be‍ more expensive than generic ⁢alternatives

Overall, ‌the LG⁣ MAN62570801 ‍Genuine OEM‌ Door ⁣Shelf‌ Bin⁢ for ​LG Refrigerators is a ⁢reliable ​and stylish replacement part that will enhance the functionality and ‍appearance of your LG Refrigerator. While ⁢it may ‍have some limitations, the benefits of ‍choosing an OEM part for​ your​ appliance outweigh the potential drawbacks.


Q:‍ Is the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin compatible with my LG Refrigerator ‌model?

A: The ⁤LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf ⁤Bin is compatible with a variety of ​LG ⁣Refrigerator⁢ models, including LTC24380ST, LTC24380SW, LTCS24223W, ‌LTCS24223S, LTCS24223B, ⁣LTCS24223D, LTWS24223S, ​68032, 68036,‌ 78032,‍ 79432,‍ 68039, ​68033, ⁢78039, 78033, 79439, and⁤ 79433. Be sure​ to check your model number to ensure compatibility.

Q: Is the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin easy to install?

A: Yes,‌ the⁤ LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin⁤ is designed for easy installation. It is important to follow the⁣ instructions provided in the ‍installation⁢ manual⁣ to ‌ensure proper⁢ fit and function.

Q: Can I trust the⁢ quality of the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin?

A: Absolutely! The LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf ​Bin ⁤is a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part manufactured to exact ‌specifications. It is made with ⁣premium materials for durability and an exact ⁣fit, so you can repair your appliance with confidence.

Q: Is the ⁣LG MAN62570801 Door ‌Shelf Bin made of clear ​plastic?

A: Yes, the LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin is made of clear plastic, providing visibility of the⁢ items stored on the shelf. This stylish and reliable OEM⁢ factory⁢ replacement part will enhance the‌ look of your LG‌ Refrigerator. ‌

Elevate Your‌ Lifestyle

In conclusion, ‍upgrading​ your LG refrigerator with the ⁤Genuine LG‍ MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin replacement is a smart investment‌ in​ both style‍ and functionality. With its durable materials and exact fit for​ various LG refrigerator⁤ models, you can trust that this OEM part will⁣ meet your needs with ease.

If you’re ready⁤ to enhance your refrigerator storage ‌experience, ⁤don’t hesitate to click the link below ‍and order your very own Genuine LG MAN62570801 Door Shelf Bin now!

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Thank you for reading and happy ⁢organizing!

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