Looking ⁣for‌ a stylish and convenient solution for keeping your drinks and snacks‍ cool on ⁤the go?⁢ Look no further than the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge-Retro ‍Extra ⁤Large 9-Can Travel Compact Refrigerator. We recently had the pleasure of trying out this sleek black⁤ mini fridge,‍ and we‍ were​ impressed by its innovative design and practical features. From its retro aesthetic ‍to its ability⁣ to cool⁤ 27-36 degrees below ambient room temperature, this ‌mini fridge is a must-have ⁢for anyone in need ⁤of portable cold storage. Join us as we dive into the details of this ⁤compact ⁢refrigerator and‍ discover ⁢all the ways ​it can make your life easier and more⁣ enjoyable.

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Our team recently ⁤had the pleasure of trying out the Frigidaire⁢ Portable Mini Fridge in Retro Black. This compact refrigerator is a game-changer‌ with ⁤its innovative ⁤design that is larger than previous ‍models, yet still maintains its lightweight and portable nature. The retro black color adds a ‌timeless touch to any space, making it a rare find that not​ only looks sleek but ‌also functions exceptionally well.⁤

One of⁢ the standout features of this mini fridge is its impressive storage capacity that⁢ can ‌hold up to 9⁢ cans, which is ​50% more than the ⁢standard ⁣6-can models. Whether you ⁤want to ⁢store snacks, beverages, or skincare⁢ products, this mini fridge‌ is versatile and fits easily on your desk, bookshelf, or any ‌convenient‌ spot. The locking latch ensures your items are secure, and the fridge can cool items 27-36 degrees Fahrenheit ​below room temperature, making it perfect for dorms,⁢ offices, ⁣nurseries, or anywhere you need simple drink storage. Are you ready ‌to ​upgrade your compact refrigerator game? ‍Check out this Frigidaire Portable Mini ⁣Fridge in Retro Black and experience the convenience and style it brings to your ⁢space.

Key Features

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The of this portable ‌mini fridge are truly what ‍set it apart from the rest. Firstly, the new 9-can design ⁤is larger⁤ yet still maintains a compact size,⁣ making it ⁤perfect for ‍on-the-go use. The retro black color adds a timeless⁣ and rare touch⁣ to the fridge, cooling ⁢items 27-36 degrees below room temperature. The locking latch ensures that your items stay⁣ secure, ⁢whether you’re storing snacks, beverages,⁤ or skincare products.

Additionally, ​the ​storage capacity‍ of this⁣ mini ⁢fridge is impressive, holding 50% more cans than previous models. The larger dimensions make‌ it‍ easy to fit in various spaces, such as on your desk, bookshelf, or any other ⁢convenient spot. With its versatility ‌and functionality, this mini fridge is a must-have for dorms, cars, offices, nurseries, or any place where⁤ you need‍ simple drink storage. Check out the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK‍ Portable Mini Fridge now and experience the convenience and style ‌it has to offer!

Detailed Insights

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When it comes to portable mini fridges, the⁢ Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK ​truly​ stands out with its retro extra large 9-can design. The black color gives it a timeless and rare look that is sure to impress. Not ⁤only is this mini fridge larger than previous models, but it⁣ still maintains its compact and lightweight qualities,⁤ making it easy to take on the go.

The locking latch ensures​ that ‌your items ⁤stay secure while on the move, and the ability to cool 27-36 degrees below ambient room temperature is a game changer. With a fresh food⁤ capacity of 6⁣ liters, this mini‍ fridge ⁣offers great storage space for snacks, beverages, and even skin care products. Whether you’re ‍a student in a dorm, a ⁣busy professional ⁤in need ⁤of ⁢extra drink storage,⁢ or a ‌parent looking to keep bottles cool in the nursery, this mini ⁤fridge has so‌ many uses and ⁢fits easily in any convenient spot.

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When it comes to portable mini ⁤fridges, we highly recommend the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK. The ⁢retro black color is not only timeless⁣ but also rare, making it a stylish​ addition to any space. With a ‍new 9-can ⁤design, this compact refrigerator ‌holds 50% more cans than previous models, providing ample ⁢storage for snacks, beverages, and even skin care products.

The locking‍ latch ensures items are secure, while the​ fridge ‌cools 27-36 ‍degrees below ambient ⁣room temperature. ‌Whether you’re looking ⁢for a convenient storage solution for‌ your dorm, office, nursery, or on-the-go, this mini fridge is versatile and practical. With its larger yet still compact dimensions, the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK is ‍a must-have for⁤ anyone in need​ of simple drink storage. Check it out on Amazon for more details and grab yours today! Click here to‍ buy now!

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing the‍ customer reviews for the Frigidaire ​EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge, ⁣we found⁣ a range⁢ of opinions that‍ we will summarize below:

Review Rating
This ⁣thing‌ was great while it lasted, not gonna⁤ lie. It kept my drinks ​cold and my‌ insulin cold as well.​ I noticed that it developed a ticking sound, next thing I ⁢know, my insulin and drinks are cold.⁤ I also noticed that the fan in the back ⁣stopped⁤ working, I don’t ​know if it’s cause‍ I ‌left⁢ it on 24/7‍ but I thought that was apart of normal functionality. I’m very disappointed⁣ and sad, hopefully ⁣this issue is ⁤resolved with newer batches. 3/5
The Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge ‍is truly a surprising gem. ⁢With its retro⁤ design ​and compact size, it adds a touch of style to any space. ⁣What ‌impressed ‌me ⁤the most is its ability to maintain a constant⁤ temperature of​ 40 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring that my beverages and snacks are always ​perfectly chilled. However, one drawback I encountered was that the ⁢fridge couldn’t accommodate taller water bottles ​from Costco due to its limited height and⁣ depth. Despite this disappointment, it⁣ still‌ offers ample storage for smaller⁣ items. Overall, if you’re looking for ⁣a portable mini fridge that combines‍ style with reliability⁢ and consistent cooling performance, the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK ⁣is definitely worth considering. 4/5
The refrigerator is‍ pleasing to the eye and the perfect ⁤size for the‍ space in which it is needed. My only disappointment is that it‌ does not get cold – only slightly⁤ cool. It ⁤will still serve its purpose. However, I ⁢simply expected better ⁣cooling from such ‌a trusted name. 3/5
So first ‍off, I bought a Chefman‌ 6 can mini fridge about 2 months back. I ‍currently live in the guest house on a larger​ property ⁣and I have access to a conventional fridge/freezer that is in the garage, ⁣but I don’t​ want‌ to have to​ run⁤ out to the garage everytime I want a cold drink especially⁣ when it’s super hot or pouring rain. I’ve had zero⁣ issues with my little‍ 6 can⁢ Chefman, but my boyfriend had expressed interest in getting another ⁣mini fridge​ for his man-cave/art room that is located in a converted RV on‌ the⁣ property. So with his birthday​ coming ​up in a ‌few days I had been doing some research on getting ⁤him a little‍ 6 ⁢can fridge as I previously had, and if the fridge I bought wasn’t on back order with a delivery date a month past his birthday, I would have got him ​what I ordered. I’m so happy that I didn’t though! I‌ decided to ‌go with the black Frigidaire as I’m familiar with the⁤ brand, and the ⁣cost was within the amount I wanted to‍ spend ($40 max budget – it⁤ cost‍ $36.67 + tax and I did buy the ⁢warranty). However I was beyond pleasantly surprised when⁢ the ⁣package arrived as I seemed to​ overlook ⁣the fact that I was buying a 9 can fridge, not a 6 can model. ⁢This posed a small problem for me as his converted art space is ⁢rather small so everything⁢ I buy I have to measure out to ensure that the item fits in the ⁤space. The simple solution was to repack my 6 ⁣can fridge, and set up the ‌larger⁣ Frigidaire model ‍in⁢ my room. Obviously the swap ⁤isn’t⁢ completely altruistic⁢ but I know he’ll‍ be‍ happy‌ with⁢ my 6 ⁤can fridge as he expressed wanting the same‍ model,⁣ now he’ll be getting the exact same model 😅 As for the technical stuff,⁢ the Chefman does have a ⁣hot or⁢ cold switch however I wouldn’t​ ever use it⁤ for heating so I don’t mind ⁣that my fridge ‌only gets cold 😏 Aside from that, both units ⁣are nice and quiet, but‌ the Chefman produced way more heat out of its vents so the Frigidaire ‍wins⁣ in that category, and the most ‍important aspect is of course how cold the unit gets! Both do a good job of⁤ keeping drinks cold but the Frigidaire seems to keep ‍the drinks slightly colder so I’d say the​ Frigidaire ⁢is a ⁣superior product. Unless⁣ something drastically changes, my rating is absolutely 5/5! I attached⁤ a⁢ few pictures ⁢to show the size, it sits on top of⁣ my little pantry that I keep chips and other⁢ non ‌perishable foods in. I will also be cleaning it out after realizing the visible ‍mess in the photos. The‌ fridge​ really is perfect size for‍ my needs. (There‍ is a little 2 inch piece of cardboard wedged underneath the front of the fridge as the door has⁤ trouble ⁢closing without⁣ it – this isn’t a design flaw, it’s due to the‍ surface I’m keeping‌ it ⁤on) 5/5

Overall, the⁢ Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge ‍seems to have a mix of positive‌ and‌ negative reviews, with customers appreciating its retro ⁢design, compact size, and cooling performance, while ​some mentioned issues ​with space ⁤limitations and cooling⁤ efficiency. It may be worth considering ‌based⁤ on individual needs and ⁤preferences.

Pros & Cons

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  • Unique retro design
  • Larger capacity than previous‌ models
  • Compact size, perfect ⁤for small spaces
  • Cools beverages 27-36 degrees below room temperature
  • Locking latch for secure⁤ storage
  • Versatile storage for snacks, beverages, and skincare products
  • Ideal for dorms, offices, nurseries, etc.


  • May not ⁣fit larger​ items or bottles
  • No freezer compartment for ice storage
  • May be‍ a‍ bit noisy ‍when‌ running
  • Only holds⁣ 9 cans, ‍which may‍ not be enough for some users


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Q: How does the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge compare to similar models?
A:​ The ​Frigidaire ‌EFMIS175-BLACK Portable​ Mini Fridge stands out from similar ‍models with its larger 9-can capacity, retro⁤ black ⁣color, ‌and locking latch for added security.

Q: Is ‍this mini fridge​ noisy⁢ when in ⁣operation?
A: No, this mini fridge operates ‍quietly and does not produce loud noises that could be disruptive in an office ⁤or dorm setting.

Q: Can the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable ⁢Mini Fridge be ⁣used in a car or RV?
A: Yes, this ⁢compact refrigerator​ is perfect for⁢ travel and ‍can easily be used⁣ in a ⁤car, RV,⁢ or​ even a small nursery.

Q: How cold does ‌the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge get?
A: This mini⁣ fridge cools beverages and snacks to 27-36 degrees Fahrenheit below the ambient room‍ temperature, keeping your⁤ items nice and ⁣chilled.

Q: Is the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge ⁤easy ⁢to clean?
A: Yes, the interior of‍ this ‍mini fridge ⁢is easy to wipe‍ clean‍ with a damp​ cloth, making maintenance a ⁤breeze.

Q: Can the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK ‍Portable Mini Fridge fit standard-sized ​bottles?
A:‌ Yes, this mini fridge is spacious enough to accommodate standard-sized bottles in ​addition to cans⁤ and other snacks.

Overall, the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge​ is a stylish and practical addition to any office, dorm room, or travel setup. ⁢Its retro design, spacious interior, and quiet ⁣operation make it a top ⁤choice ​for anyone⁣ looking for a compact refrigerator with a touch of nostalgia.

Seize the Opportunity

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As⁤ we wrap up ⁣our review of the Frigidaire Portable Mini Fridge, we can confidently say that this retro-style refrigerator is a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern convenience. With its larger 9-can capacity,‌ timeless black color, and compact design, this fridge⁢ is⁢ ideal for storing‍ snacks, beverages, and more in various settings.

If you’re looking for a stylish​ and practical⁢ fridge for your office, dorm room, or ‌even nursery, the Frigidaire ​Portable Mini Fridge is definitely worth considering. Take advantage of its unique features and upgrade your space with this⁣ sleek and efficient appliance.

Ready to bring ​a ‍touch of retro charm into your life? Click here to ‌purchase the Frigidaire EFMIS175-BLACK Portable Mini Fridge ⁢now!

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