Welcome to our comprehensive review ​of the LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice Maker Assembly for LG Refrigerators in White. If you’ve ever found yourself craving a refreshing drink​ only to discover an empty ice tray in your ⁢freezer, you understand the value of a reliable ice maker. ⁣As avid users of LG appliances, we were intrigued by the ‌promises of this particular ice maker assembly: durability, precision engineering, and seamless integration into ⁢compatible LG refrigerators.
Crafted as ⁢a genuine​ OEM part, the LG AEQ73110205 boasts an⁣ exact ​fit and adherence to LG’s stringent specifications. ⁣Compatible with select LG LFX and LMX-series ⁤bottom-freezer refrigerators, as‍ well as certain Kenmore models, this assembly​ ensures compatibility without ⁢sacrificing performance.
One of the standout‌ features of this ice maker is its efficiency. With a ​design​ tailored to produce over 100 cubes‌ in a span of 24 hours, it’s well-suited for households ⁣that ⁢demand a steady supply of ‍ice. The process is straightforward: water ⁣is received from the inlet⁢ valve, held in⁢ the mold until frozen solid,‌ and then automatically ejected to replenish the ice storage.
Quality ‍is⁤ paramount when it ⁤comes to appliance components, and the LG AEQ73110205 doesn’t⁣ disappoint. Manufactured​ with premium materials, it’s ⁣built to withstand the rigors of ⁤daily ​use, ensuring longevity and reliability. Following the installation instructions provided in⁤ the manual ensures⁢ a seamless integration into your refrigerator, allowing you ‌to repair your appliance with confidence.
With a comprehensive list of compatible models, including various LG and Kenmore units, finding the perfect fit for your appliance ⁢is ‍made easy.‌ However, we recommend double-checking the dimensions and weight to ensure compatibility with your⁤ specific refrigerator‌ model.
In conclusion, the LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice Maker ⁢Assembly embodies the qualities one expects from LG products: reliability, efficiency, and quality ⁣craftsmanship. If you’re in need of a replacement ice maker for your LG refrigerator, this assembly proves to be a worthy investment, promising an uninterrupted flow of ice ⁤for your beverages and culinary endeavors. Stay tuned as ‌we delve deeper into our firsthand experience with this ​essential appliance component.

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Our experience with the LG⁤ AEQ73110205 Ice Maker ‍Assembly has been nothing short of impressive. Crafted as a genuine OEM part, this assembly boasts precision engineering to seamlessly fit into compatible LG, Kenmore, and ‍Kenmore ⁢Elite refrigerators. The ice maker, with its smaller white wire connector, efficiently produces ice cubes, ensuring you never run out of refreshment on those scorching summer ​days or‌ when hosting gatherings.

Constructed with premium materials, this ice maker assembly exudes durability, promising longevity and consistent performance. Its ability ⁤to churn out over 100 ice‍ cubes⁤ in just 24 hours speaks volumes about its efficiency. Installation is straightforward, but we recommend consulting the installation manual for a ⁤hassle-free setup.‌ Rest assured, opting for​ Genuine LG OEM Factory parts ensures your appliance‍ is repaired with the highest quality components.

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Unveiling the LG AEQ73110205 Ice Maker Assembly

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Our experience with the LG‍ AEQ73110205 Ice Maker Assembly has been ⁣nothing short of exceptional. The seamless⁢ integration into compatible LG, Kenmore, ⁣and Kenmore Elite refrigerators speaks ⁢volumes​ about its versatility. Crafted with ⁣precision as​ a genuine OEM part, this assembly​ embodies reliability⁤ and performance.

Featuring a smaller white wire connector with 6 wires, this ice maker efficiently utilizes ‍space⁣ while delivering an impressive output⁣ of ‌over 100 ice cubes within 24 hours. Its operation, from water intake to ice ejection, ​is smooth and consistent, ‍ensuring a steady supply of ⁢ice for your needs. ​With premium materials and meticulous manufacturing, this OEM ⁣assembly‌ promises durability and an exact‍ fit, alleviating any installation concerns.

For those seeking to repair their appliances with‌ confidence, opting for genuine LG​ OEM factory parts like the AEQ73110205 Ice ⁢Maker Assembly is a decision backed by quality and reliability. Don’t let a malfunctioning ice ‌maker disrupt‌ your ‌daily​ routine; enhance​ your refrigerator’s ‌performance today.

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Exceptional Features

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When it comes to the LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice‍ Maker Assembly, we’re thrilled to highlight its remarkable features that make it a standout choice for your refrigerator needs.

  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted as a genuine OEM ​part, this ice maker assembly ⁢ensures precise compatibility and reliability, meeting exact specifications for LG LFX and LMX-series bottom-freezer refrigerators, ‌as well as certain Kenmore models. With premium materials and meticulous manufacturing, it guarantees durability and a perfect fit, offering reassurance for long-term use.
  • Efficient Ice​ Production: Designed to deliver exceptional performance, this ⁣ice maker assembly boasts impressive capabilities. With its ability to produce over 100 cubes in just 24 hours, it ensures a steady and ample supply of ice for your⁣ everyday needs.⁣ Whether you’re hosting a gathering or simply enjoying a refreshing beverage, you can rely on this ice maker to keep pace with your demands.

With the LG AEQ73110205 Ice Maker Assembly, you’re not just investing in a replacement part ⁢– you’re choosing peace of mind‍ and confidence in your appliance repair. From its seamless installation process to its consistent and⁣ efficient ice production,⁤ this genuine OEM assembly stands ​out as a reliable solution for⁤ your refrigerator. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance the performance ‌of your appliance. Order ‍yours today and experience the difference!

Exploring the‌ Ingenious Attributes of the LG Ice Maker ​Assembly

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When delving into the realm of ​home appliances, one often seeks a harmonious‍ blend ⁣of ‍efficiency and reliability. ‌The LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice Maker Assembly emerges as a⁢ stalwart ⁢contender in this arena, ‍promising ‌a seamless ice-making experience for LG,⁣ Kenmore, and Kenmore Elite refrigerator owners alike.

At the heart of its ⁤brilliance lies a meticulous design tailored​ to deliver optimal⁤ performance. Crafted as a genuine OEM part, each component embodies precision⁤ engineering, ensuring a perfect fit and uncompromised functionality. With its smaller white wire ​connector boasting six wires, this assembly stands as a testament to LG’s ⁣commitment to quality.

Our journey through⁢ the realm of innovation doesn’t⁣ stop there. This ice maker⁤ doesn’t just create⁢ ice; it orchestrates a symphony of freezing precision. Capable of producing ‍over 100⁢ cubes in 24 hours, it seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, catering to the demands of a bustling household or a serene evening alone.

In-depth Analysis

Upon delving into the intricacies of the‍ LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM ‍Ice Maker Assembly,⁣ we uncover a product engineered to exact specifications,​ exemplifying LG’s commitment to‌ quality and functionality.⁤ Crafted for compatibility ⁤with a range of LG, Kenmore, and Kenmore Elite refrigerators, this ice ​maker assembly stands as a reliable replacement component.

Key Features Details
Ice Production Capacity Produces more than 100 cubes in 24 hours
Material Premium materials ensure durability
Installation Installation manual provided for seamless setup

This OEM ice‍ maker assembly, featuring a smaller​ white wire connector with six‌ wires, seamlessly integrates‌ into compatible​ refrigerators. From receiving ​water through the inlet valve to ejecting ice automatically, the process operates smoothly, ensuring a consistent supply of ice ⁢for your convenience.

Whether you’re⁣ repairing your appliance or seeking​ an upgrade, opting for Genuine LG OEM Factory⁣ parts instills ‌confidence in performance and longevity. For those in need of a reliable ice maker assembly, the LG AEQ73110205 stands as ‍a testament to LG’s dedication to excellence.

A Closer Look: Detailed Examination and Insights

Delving into the​ intricacies ‍of the LG AEQ73110205 Ice Maker Assembly ⁣reveals a meticulously crafted OEM​ part tailored to fit various⁤ LG, Kenmore, and Kenmore Elite refrigerator models. Boasting a smaller white wire connector with six wires,⁤ this assembly epitomizes efficiency and reliability. Its functionality is straightforward yet impressive – ⁣drawing water from the inlet valve, it⁢ meticulously molds ice until it reaches‍ a solid state before effortlessly ejecting it into the storage bin. With a capacity to produce over 100 ⁤ice cubes in a mere ⁢24 hours, this ​ice maker stands as a testament to ​LG’s commitment to quality​ and performance.

Constructed from premium materials,⁢ this genuine OEM ice maker assembly ensures durability and precise compatibility with your appliance. Following the installation manual’s instructions guarantees a seamless integration, empowering users‌ to repair their appliances with confidence. With its compatibility spanning a wide range of refrigerator models, including LFX, LMX, and various others, this assembly proves to be a versatile solution for ice-making needs. Whether you’re replacing a worn-out ⁤part or upgrading to enhance performance, opting for Genuine LG OEM Factory ‍parts ensures optimal functionality and peace of mind. Take the next step in elevating your refrigerator’s capabilities by investing in this⁤ high-quality ice maker assembly.

Our Verdict

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After thorough testing and examination, we are impressed with the performance and quality of ⁣the LG AEQ73110205 ⁤Ice Maker Assembly for LG ⁢Refrigerators. Here’s⁤ why:

  • The OEM LG ⁤AEQ73110205 Ice ‍Maker Assembly ⁣is engineered ⁣to exact specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for compatible LG, Kenmore,‌ and Kenmore Elite bottom-freezer refrigerators.
  • This ice maker is designed for efficiency,‍ capable of producing​ over 100 ice ⁢cubes in a span of 24 hours,⁢ providing an ‌ample supply for your household needs.
  • Constructed with premium materials, this assembly ​boasts durability and longevity, promising‍ years of reliable ice-making performance.

Pros Cons
Exact ‍fit for compatible models May require professional ⁤installation
Efficient ice production Compatible with limited refrigerator models
Durable construction

If you’re in need of a reliable ice maker assembly to restore or⁢ enhance the functionality of‍ your‌ LG refrigerator, we⁤ highly‍ recommend considering the⁣ LG AEQ73110205. Don’t miss out on the convenience⁤ and performance it offers. Get yours today!

Final Thoughts and‍ Recommendations

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After delving into the details of this OEM ice⁢ maker assembly, ​it’s clear that it’s a reliable solution for those in need of a replacement ⁤or upgrade for ‌their LG refrigerators. Its compatibility‌ with various models ensures a broad reach,​ offering convenience to a wide range of users. The inclusion of premium materials in its construction not only speaks to its durability⁤ but also guarantees an exact fit, eliminating any installation hassles.

We were particularly impressed by its efficiency in producing ‍ice, boasting a ⁢capacity of over 100 cubes in just 24 hours. This feature, coupled with its seamless operation, makes it a valuable addition to any household seeking consistent ice production. Additionally, the confidence instilled by opting‍ for genuine LG OEM ​factory parts cannot be overstated, assuring users of a reliable and long-lasting solution for their refrigeration needs.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

As⁤ diligent reviewers of the LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice Maker Assembly, we’ve⁣ sifted through various customer experiences to bring you a comprehensive analysis. Let’s delve into ⁤the insights gathered from⁤ these firsthand encounters:

Review Highlights Our Take
Effortless Installation Customers found the installation process manageable, with many opting for a DIY approach over professional assistance.
Improved⁣ Design The redesigned model addresses previous ⁤issues, such as tray overflow and binding, enhancing overall performance ⁣and longevity.
Enhanced Ice Production Users reported increased ice production, alleviating concerns about insufficient supply, even for larger households.
Noisy Operation Some reviewers noted a slight increase in noise levels during ice⁢ dumping cycles,⁤ although⁢ it became less⁢ noticeable over time.
Compatibility Concerns A few customers encountered compatibility issues, emphasizing the importance of‌ verifying model numbers​ before purchase.
Language Barrier One ​reviewer faced challenges with product labeling and language discrepancies, highlighting ​the need for accurate product identification.

Overall, the LG AEQ73110205 Ice⁣ Maker Assembly ‍receives commendation⁣ for its ease of installation, ‌improved functionality, and enhanced ice production. However, customers should exercise caution ​regarding‍ compatibility and potential language-related ⁢obstacles. We recommend thorough research and verification to ensure a seamless replacement process.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


1. Genuine OEM part for guaranteed compatibility.
2. Designed for various LG refrigerator models for versatile use.
3. High-quality⁢ construction ensures durability and longevity.
4. Easy installation with detailed instructions for added convenience.
5. Produces over 100‍ ice cubes in 24 hours for ample supply.


1. May require‍ professional installation for some users.
2. Some users reported occasional issues with water inlet valve ⁤compatibility.
3. Limited compatibility with ⁣non-LG refrigerator brands.


Q&A Section
1. Is this ice maker compatible with my refrigerator model?
Certainly! This LG AEQ73110205 Genuine OEM Ice ⁢Maker Assembly is compatible‌ with various LG​ bottom-freezer refrigerator models,‍ including LFX and LMX-series models. Additionally, it fits some Kenmore and Kenmore Elite⁤ 795-series bottom-freezer refrigerators. You can find a detailed‍ list of compatible models in the product description.
2. How many ice⁢ cubes can this ice maker produce in a ⁢day?
This ice maker is designed to be quite efficient, producing ⁤more⁤ than‍ 100 ice cubes in a 24-hour period. So whether you’re hosting a party or just need plenty⁢ of⁢ ice for everyday use, this ice maker has you covered.
3. Is installation difficult?
Installation is straightforward, especially if you follow⁤ the instructions provided in ‍the installation manual. It’s always a‌ good idea to consult the ⁤manual to ensure proper installation⁤ and functionality. If‌ you’re unsure, you can also seek ⁣professional installation assistance.
4. Is this ice maker made of durable materials?
Absolutely! This Genuine LG OEM Ice Maker ‍Assembly is manufactured with premium materials to⁣ ensure durability and an exact fit. You can trust that it will reliably produce ice for your refrigerator for a long time to​ come.
5. ⁣Can I repair my appliance‍ with ‍confidence using this genuine LG part?
Yes, you can repair your appliance with confidence when you choose genuine LG OEM factory parts like this ice maker assembly. Genuine parts​ ensure ‌compatibility, reliability, and optimal performance, giving you‍ peace of‌ mind knowing that your appliance is in good hands.
6. Does ‌the ice maker come with a warranty?
Warranty coverage may vary, so it’s essential to check ⁣with ⁣the ‍manufacturer or retailer regarding⁢ warranty information for this specific ice maker assembly. ⁣However, genuine ‍OEM parts typically come with some form of warranty to protect against defects in materials ​and workmanship.

Seize‌ the Opportunity

As we conclude⁢ our exploration⁤ of the LG ⁤AEQ73110205 Genuine⁤ OEM⁣ Ice Maker Assembly for LG Refrigerators, we ⁤find ourselves impressed by its functionality and reliability. This frosty marvel stands as a testament to LG’s commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of home appliances.
Crafted with precision and designed to seamlessly integrate into compatible LG, Kenmore, and Kenmore Elite refrigerators,⁣ this ice maker ⁣assembly offers not just convenience, but ⁢also durability. Its ability to⁢ churn out over 100 ice ‍cubes​ in a​ day ensures that you’ll never ⁢run out of ice, even during the busiest of⁢ gatherings.
With its‍ genuine OEM construction and premium materials, it instills confidence in every repair or replacement. Plus, installation is​ made straightforward with detailed instructions, empowering you to take ‍charge of your appliance maintenance with ease.
Whether you’re replacing a worn-out part or upgrading ⁤your refrigerator, choosing the LG AEQ73110205 ice maker assembly is a decision backed by quality and performance.
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