Welcome to ​our latest product review, where we dive into the world of home appliances to ⁤bring you the⁣ inside scoop on the GE WR17X11263 Genuine OEM Ice Bucket Auger Assembly for GE Refrigerators. If you’re like ⁢us, ‌you rely ⁤on your refrigerator’s ice⁢ dispenser to keep those beverages cool and refreshing. But what happens when that trusty auger assembly starts to show signs of ‍wear⁢ and tear? Fear not, because we’ve got⁤ you covered with this ⁤genuine ​OEM replacement part from General Electric.

Crafted with precision and engineered for excellence,⁢ the GE WR17X11263 Ice ⁢Bucket⁣ Auger⁢ Assembly is here to save the day. Say goodbye to clunky, malfunctioning ice dispensers and hello to smooth, effortless ice delivery. This ⁣assembly​ attaches snugly to the auger drive motor‌ and spins with precision, ensuring that ice flows freely from the bin ⁢to your glass.

But what sets this‌ auger assembly apart from the rest? It’s all in the‍ details. Manufactured with plastic blades surrounding a sturdy metal core, this part is built to last. Weighing in at just⁤ 7.83 ounces and measuring 14.5 x 10 x 4 inches, it’s the perfect fit ⁣for your‍ GE refrigerator.

Of ‍course, safety is paramount when it comes to any appliance repair.‍ That’s why we appreciate the reminder to disconnect all utilities before installation. It’s‌ these thoughtful touches ‌that give us peace of ⁣mind as⁤ we embark ‍on our DIY journey.

So⁤ whether you’re a seasoned home repair enthusiast or ⁢a newcomer to the world of ⁣appliance ​maintenance, you can trust the​ GE WR17X11263​ Ice Bucket Auger Assembly to get the job done right. With Genuine ⁤GE Appliances Parts & Accessories, you can repair your appliance with ​confidence, knowing that you’re ⁣using quality materials designed to exact specifications.

Stay tuned as we put⁣ this auger assembly to the test and provide you with our honest feedback. Until then, keep your beverages cold and your ice dispenser running smoothly with GE.

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Our experience with this Genuine OEM Ice Bucket Auger Assembly for GE Refrigerators‌ has been‌ nothing short of exceptional. Designed to attach seamlessly to the auger drive‍ motor, this assembly effortlessly spins⁤ to dispense ice from the bin, ​ensuring smooth operation ⁣of your refrigerator’s dispenser.

Constructed with plastic blades surrounding a sturdy metal core, durability is a hallmark ⁢of⁢ this product. The precise engineering and premium materials⁢ used in its⁣ manufacture guarantee a perfect fit for your‌ appliance. We highly recommend following the ⁢installation instructions provided in ‌your owner’s manual to ensure optimal performance. Prioritize safety by disconnecting all utilities before installation.

Product Details
Dimensions 14.5 x 10 x 4 inches
Weight 7.83 ounces
Manufacturer General Electric
Country of Origin China

Restore your refrigerator’s⁣ functionality ‌with confidence ⁢by choosing Genuine GE Appliances Parts & Accessories. With this OEM ⁣part, you’re not just purchasing a replacement; you’re investing in the reliability and⁤ longevity of your appliance. For hassle-free shopping, click here to get yours today!

Exploring the Ice Bucket Auger Assembly

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When delving into the intricacies⁤ of our ⁤ Genuine OEM Ice Bucket ⁤Auger Assembly, one can’t help but appreciate the thoughtful engineering behind its ‌design. ‍Crafted with precision, this assembly⁤ seamlessly attaches to the auger drive motor, effortlessly spinning to dispense ice from⁣ the bin. What⁢ sets ⁣it ‍apart⁤ is the ingenious ⁣combination of plastic blades encasing a sturdy metal core, ensuring both efficiency and durability.

Product Details
Product ‍Dimensions 14.5 ​x⁣ 10 x 4 inches
Item model number WR17X11263
Date First Available August 7, 2008
Manufacturer General Electric
Country of Origin China

For those who prioritize authenticity and reliability, our GE WR17X11263 Refrigerator⁣ Ice Bucket Auger‌ Assembly is the ultimate choice. With ‌premium materials and exact specifications, it guarantees a perfect fit and lasting ⁤performance.⁣ Remember, safety comes first, so ensure to disconnect all utilities before installation, following the instructions meticulously‍ outlined in the owner’s manual. Trust in Genuine GE​ Appliances Parts & Accessories for a‌ seamless repair experience.

Highlighting Features

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When it comes to upgrading⁢ your refrigerator’s ice dispensing mechanism, our Genuine OEM Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is a top-notch choice. Crafted with ​precision, this assembly‍ attaches seamlessly to the auger drive motor, ensuring smooth operation⁢ every time.

  • Manufactured with durable plastic blades surrounding a sturdy metal core
  • Exact fit for GE Refrigerators
  • Designed and engineered to exact specifications for optimal⁤ performance

One of the standout ​features of this assembly is its high-quality construction. The combination of premium materials⁣ ensures longevity and reliability, providing you with peace of mind ‍knowing ‌that your appliance is equipped with genuine GE Parts & Accessories.

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Diving into Efficiency and Durability

When considering efficiency and durability, the ‌ GE ‌WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly stands out for its high-quality construction and reliable performance. Crafted with precision, ⁤this​ genuine OEM part attaches seamlessly to the ​auger drive motor, ensuring smooth operation every ⁤time.

What sets this assembly apart is its combination of materials—a metal​ core surrounded by plastic ‍blades. This design‌ not only‌ enhances⁣ durability but also maximizes⁣ efficiency when ⁣dispensing ice from‌ the bin. We found⁤ that​ this​ construction significantly reduces wear and tear, extending the lifespan of⁤ the‌ assembly.

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Detailed Insights

When it comes to ensuring‌ your GE refrigerator dispenses ice ⁣smoothly ​and efficiently, the Ice Bucket Auger Assembly stands as a pivotal​ component. Crafted with precision, this assembly ⁢is meticulously designed⁤ to attach to the auger drive motor and effortlessly drive ice out of ⁣the bin during operation. What sets it apart is the ingenious‍ construction – featuring plastic blades encasing a​ sturdy metal core.⁣ This amalgamation ensures both durability and functionality, promising prolonged performance ⁣without compromising on quality.

For‍ those wary of installation procedures, rest assured, the Ice Bucket ⁣Auger Assembly is engineered​ with user-friendliness in mind. While its ‍dimensions make it a seamless fit, it’s highly recommended to disconnect all utilities before installation. This ensures a smooth transition ‍and minimizes any potential mishaps. Plus, with ⁤the reassurance of being a⁤ genuine OEM part, manufactured to exact specifications by General‌ Electric, you can repair‍ your⁣ appliance with utmost confidence. Experience the convenience and reliability firsthand by acquiring this essential component here.

Inside⁣ the Ice Bucket Auger Assembly: What Sets it Apart

When​ delving into⁣ the inner workings of the Ice Bucket Auger Assembly, one‌ immediately notices the meticulous⁣ craftsmanship that‍ sets it apart from its counterparts. What truly distinguishes this assembly is the fusion of plastic blades​ encasing a robust metal core. This innovative design ensures optimal⁣ durability and efficiency, guaranteeing smooth‌ operation when dispensing ice from the bin.‍ Our engineers have meticulously crafted each component to exact specifications, ⁤culminating‍ in ⁢a product ⁢that exudes quality and reliability.

Moreover, it’s worth ‍highlighting the meticulous attention to detail ‍in the manufacturing process. From the precise alignment of the blades to the seamless integration with the auger drive motor, ⁤every aspect is meticulously engineered ⁣for flawless performance. Additionally, our⁤ assembly boasts premium ⁣materials that not only enhance its longevity but also ensure an exact fit for your refrigerator. For hassle-free installation, it’s recommended to refer to the owner’s‍ manual and ⁢disconnect all utilities beforehand. Experience the ‍difference with our Genuine OEM Ice‌ Bucket Auger Assembly, the epitome of quality and precision.

Specific Recommendations

After thoroughly examining the GE WR17X11263 ⁣Genuine⁤ OEM⁢ Ice Bucket Auger Assembly, we⁤ have some based on its features and performance.

  • Durable Construction: The ice bucket auger assembly is crafted ​with plastic blades surrounding a sturdy metal core, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliable‍ performance.
  • Easy Installation: While installing this assembly, we highly recommend disconnecting the appliance from all utilities ‌beforehand to ensure a smooth and safe installation process.

For more details and ⁣to purchase the GE WR17X11263 Genuine OEM ⁣Ice⁣ Bucket Auger Assembly, click here.

Why​ the GE WR17X11263‌ Ice⁣ Bucket⁣ Auger Assembly Gets Our ‍Approval

When it ​comes to keeping our refrigerators running ​smoothly, we know that quality matters.​ That’s why we’re excited to share our‌ approval of the GE WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly. This ‌essential component attaches‌ to the auger drive motor and efficiently spins to dispense ice from the bin. What sets it apart is its construction; crafted with plastic blades encasing a durable metal ‌core, this assembly ensures​ longevity and reliable performance.

What we particularly appreciate about the GE WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is its precision engineering. Designed as a genuine OEM ⁤part, ⁢it’s manufactured to ‌exact specifications, guaranteeing a perfect ⁢fit ⁤for compatible GE refrigerators. Plus, installation is straightforward, although we always recommend⁤ disconnecting the appliance from utilities before ​beginning.​ With its high quality and‌ compatibility, ‌this auger assembly instills confidence in any repair or ‌replacement endeavor.

Customer Reviews Analysis


Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

After delving into the feedback provided by ⁣our valued customers, we’ve⁢ gained‌ insightful perspectives on the GE ​WR17X11263 Genuine⁢ OEM Ice ‌Bucket ⁣Auger Assembly. Here’s a breakdown of their experiences:

Review Pros Cons
“Does ‌the job. Not ‌much more to say. YouTube helps with installation.” Functional, easy installation with online ​assistance. N/A
“Took some research to⁢ confirm which Auger PN was needed…” Correct fit, improved ice dispensing. Pricey ‌for plastic, ⁢concerns about durability.
“Great product, works ​better‍ or the same as original.” Efficient performance. N/A
“This product is made of plastic so I do not expect it to last long term…” N/A Expensive for material,‍ doubts about longevity.
“Once this⁢ new part was⁤ installed (thank you, youtube!)…” Significant improvement in ice dispensing speed. N/A
“Two years ago the‌ ice​ auger in my GE refrigerator broke…” OEM quality, compatible with specific models. Issues ⁤with durability, repeated ⁤breakage.
“This auger does not come with instructions…” Exact fit, functional after installation. Challenging installation process, lack ⁢of instructions.
“I bought this for a GE side⁢ by side fridge freezer ​bought ‌in‌ Chile…” Cost-effective ‍solution, compatible with international models. N/A
“Original and replacement broke the same way…” N/A Repeated breakage, concerns about material safety.

Overall, while the GE WR17X11263 auger assembly proves effective for many ​users, concerns linger regarding its durability and the use of plastic in its construction. Despite mixed feedback,‍ its compatibility with various GE refrigerator models and the assistance ⁣provided by ‍online resources like YouTube‌ contribute to ⁤its ⁤appeal.



Pros & Cons

Pros &​ Cons


  • Durable Construction: ⁢The ice ​bucket auger assembly is made with premium materials, ensuring longevity and‌ reliability.
  • Exact Fit: As a genuine OEM part, it’s engineered to exact specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit for GE refrigerators.
  • Easy Installation: With clear instructions provided, installing the assembly is straightforward for most users.
  • Efficient Ice Dispensing: The ⁣auger drive motor spins smoothly, effectively dispensing ice from ‍the bin.


Issue Our Take
Plastic Blades While ⁣the plastic blades are durable, they ⁤may not withstand heavy or frequent use as well​ as⁢ metal ones‍ would.
Country of Origin The assembly‌ is⁢ manufactured in China, which may raise concerns for some ‌consumers regarding quality control.
Compatibility Ensure compatibility⁤ with your specific GE refrigerator model before purchasing,⁤ as it may not fit all models.


**Q&A: GE Ice Bucket Auger Assembly**

Q: Is this Ice Bucket Auger Assembly ‌compatible with my GE refrigerator⁤ model?

A: Our GE WR17X11263‌ Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is designed to fit ​various GE refrigerator ‌models. However, to ensure compatibility, we recommend checking the product dimensions and your ⁣refrigerator’s model number before purchasing.

Q: How difficult is it to install this Ice Bucket Auger Assembly?

A: Installing the Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is relatively straightforward. It’s recommended to ⁤disconnect the appliance from all ‍utilities before installation. For ⁣detailed instructions, please refer to your refrigerator’s ‍owner’s manual.

Q: Can ⁤this assembly be used for dispensing both crushed and cubed ice?

A: Yes, the Ice Bucket Auger‍ Assembly is designed to dispense both crushed and cubed ice, providing versatility to‍ suit your preferences.

Q: How durable are the plastic blades⁤ of this assembly?

A: The ⁢Ice Bucket Auger Assembly features plastic blades around a sturdy metal core, ensuring durability and efficient ice dispensing for extended ‌use.

Q: Is this assembly a genuine OEM part from GE Appliances?

A: Absolutely! ⁤Our⁢ GE WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is ‍a genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part manufactured with⁢ premium materials for durability and exact fit, providing ⁢peace of mind and confidence in your appliance repair.

Q: Where is this Ice Bucket ​Auger Assembly manufactured?

A: The GE WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly is manufactured in China to the highest quality standards by General Electric, ensuring reliable ‍performance and compatibility with your⁣ GE refrigerator.

Q: How long‌ has this product ⁤been available on the market?

A: The GE WR17X11263 Ice Bucket ⁢Auger Assembly has been available since August 7,⁣ 2008, providing years of dependable service for GE refrigerator⁣ owners.

Q: What is the warranty period‍ for this Ice Bucket Auger Assembly?

A: The warranty period ​may vary, so we recommend checking with ⁣the manufacturer or retailer for specific warranty details. However, ‍rest assured that our genuine OEM parts are designed⁢ to meet the highest quality standards for customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As we wrap up our journey through the frosty wonders‌ of ⁣the GE Ice Bucket Auger Assembly, ⁣it’s clear that‌ this essential appliance component is more than just a mundane part—it’s the unsung hero behind every perfectly chilled drink or refreshing cocktail.

Crafted with precision and engineered for durability, the Genuine OEM GE ⁢WR17X11263 Ice Bucket Auger Assembly ensures smooth operation and effortless ice dispensing with its plastic blades around a sturdy metal core. Its seamless integration ‍with your GE ⁢refrigerator guarantees a hassle-free installation process, provided you‌ follow the manufacturer’s instructions diligently.

So, whether you’re hosting a summer soiree or simply‌ craving a cold beverage on a sweltering day, trust in the reliability and quality of Genuine GE Appliances Parts & Accessories.

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