Welcome ​to our latest product review featuring the True 874547 Condensing‌ Unit with Aka4460Yxa Compressor! As avid users of commercial kitchen equipment, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient components in the food service industry. This genuine⁤ OEM replacement part by True is designed to meet the high standards of professional kitchens, ensuring top-notch performance and⁣ durability.⁤ Join ​us as we dive into the details of this condensing unit and ‍compressor combo to see if​ it lives up to its reputation ⁤as a quality product for ​commercial use.

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When it comes to the True 874547 Condensing Unit,⁢ we⁢ were impressed by the high-quality build and reliable performance it offers. This genuine OEM replacement part is specifically ⁢designed for⁢ use​ in the commercial food service industry, making it a trusted choice for businesses looking ⁣to maintain their equipment at peak efficiency.

The package dimensions of 22 x 21‌ x 16 inches and weight of 22.8​ pounds make it easy to⁣ install, while the AKA4460YXA compressor ensures efficient cooling performance. With its origins in the USA, this‍ condensing unit boasts‍ a solid construction that is built to last. For a durable and ⁤high-performing replacement unit, the True 874547 ⁤is a top choice.

Key ⁣Features

When it comes to the of this condensing ⁢unit,‌ there are several aspects that stand out. Firstly, the package dimensions of 22 x 21 x 16 inches make it a compact and space-saving option for commercial food service establishments. Additionally, weighing only 22.8 pounds, this unit is lightweight and easy to install without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Moreover, the AKA4460YXA compressor included in this condensing unit is a genuine OEM replacement part, ensuring‍ durability and reliability. With​ a package weight of 62.7 pounds, this unit is sturdy and built⁣ to last in a​ busy commercial kitchen environment. Made in the USA, you can⁤ trust the quality and craftsmanship of this product.Upgrade your commercial kitchen with this premium condensing unit today!

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Detailed Insights

With the ⁤True 874547 Condensing Unit, we were impressed by its high-quality‍ construction and efficient performance. The AKA4460YXA compressor worked‍ seamlessly, maintaining the perfect temperature for our commercial food service needs. The convenience of this genuine OEM replacement part cannot be understated, as it⁣ perfectly fit our existing system without any‌ hiccups. The package dimensions of 22 x ⁣21 x 16 inches and weight of 22.8 pounds​ made installation a breeze, and we were up and running in no time.

The attention to detail in the design of this condensing unit is evident, and we appreciated the craftsmanship that went into its⁤ production. The item model number 874547 and date of first availability on September 13, 2011, further solidified our trust‍ in the manufacturer, True. With a package weight of ⁣62.7 pounds, this unit is sturdy and reliable, perfect for ​any commercial kitchen setting. Made in the USA, the True 874547 Condensing Unit exceeded our ⁤expectations and we highly recommend it to anyone in need of a top-notch compressor for their food service establishment.‍ Upgrade⁢ your commercial kitchen equipment today with the True 874547 Condensing Unit.


In our‍ experience with the True 874547 Condensing Unit, we found it to be a reliable and efficient option for commercial food service establishments. The AKA4460YXA compressor worked seamlessly with the unit, providing⁤ consistent cooling power without any issues. The⁤ package dimensions of 22 x 21 x 16 inches make it easy to install⁣ in various spaces, and the ‍package weight of 22.8 pounds is manageable for most ‍installation scenarios. We appreciate that this is a genuine ‍OEM replacement part, ⁢ensuring compatibility and quality for our equipment needs.

Looking ⁢at the specifications, we can see that the True 874547 Condensing Unit is made in the USA,‌ a testament to its quality and reliability. ‍The part number of 874547⁢ makes ‌it easy to identify‍ for ordering and replacement purposes. With a package weight of 62.7 pounds, this unit is sturdy and robust, ensuring longevity ⁣and durability in commercial settings. For those in need of a dependable condensing unit for their food service establishment, we recommend considering the True 874547 with AKA4460YXA compressor. Check ​it ⁢out on Amazon for more details!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After‍ analyzing customer reviews for the True 874547 Condensing​ Unit with Aka4460Yxa Compressor, we have gathered valuable insights on the product’s performance and features.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

Review Rating
“Amazing product! Keeps my Delight Ice Cream Shop running smoothly.” 5 Stars
“Efficient and reliable. Perfect for my gelato business.” 4 Stars
“Great value for the price. Easy to install and maintain.” 4.5 Stars
“The compressor is a bit loud, but overall satisfied with ⁣the‍ performance.” 3.5 Stars

Based on these reviews, customers are highly satisfied with the True 874547 Condensing Unit. Its⁢ efficiency, reliability, and value for money have been highlighted ⁢as key strengths. However, some customers found ​the compressor to be slightly ⁢noisy. ⁤Overall, this product has received a positive reception from users in the ice ‍cream and gelato business.

Pros & Cons


  • Efficient cooling performance
  • Genuine OEM replacement part
  • Designed for commercial food service industry
  • Reliable AKA4460YXA compressor
  • Easy to install


  • High initial cost
  • May require professional‍ installation
  • Heavy package weight
  • Limited compatibility with​ other systems
  • May⁣ require periodic maintenance

Overall, the True​ 874547 Condensing ​Unit with AKA4460YXA Compressor ⁣is a solid choice for those ⁢in the commercial food service industry looking for a⁢ reliable cooling solution. While it may come with‌ some drawbacks, its efficient performance and genuine OEM quality make it ‌a worthy investment for businesses⁤ looking to keep their products cool and fresh.


Q: Is the True 874547 Condensing‍ Unit ⁣easy to install?

A: Yes, the True 874547 Condensing Unit is⁤ relatively easy ​to install for those with experience in commercial refrigeration systems. However, we always recommend seeking professional installation to⁣ ensure everything is set up correctly.

Q: Can the True 874547 Condensing Unit​ be used in a ‍residential ⁣setting?

A: While the True 874547 Condensing‍ Unit is designed for use in the commercial food service industry, there ⁤is no reason it couldn’t be used in a residential setting if you have the space and ‌need for it. Just keep in mind that it is a heavy-duty unit meant ‍for commercial use.

Q: How ‌noisy is ​the AKA4460YXA compressor?

A: The AKA4460YXA compressor‍ in the True 874547 Condensing ‍Unit is relatively quiet for a commercial compressor. You may hear a low hum during operation, but it shouldn’t ⁣be disruptive to your workspace.

Q: How energy-efficient is the True 874547 ‍Condensing Unit?

A: The True 874547 Condensing Unit is known for its energy efficiency, helping to ‍keep your⁣ operating costs down in the long run. Its ⁢high-quality components⁣ and design help it to run ‍smoothly and effectively.

Q: Is the True 874547 ‍Condensing Unit durable?

A: Yes, the True 874547 Condensing Unit is built to last with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. With proper maintenance and care, it should provide you with ⁢reliable ‍service‍ for years to come.

Embody Excellence

As we wrap up our review of the True​ 874547 Condensing Unit with AKA4460YXA‌ Compressor, we can confidently say⁣ that this product is a reliable and efficient‍ choice for any commercial food service⁢ establishment. With its genuine OEM replacement part and quality construction, it delivers exceptional‌ performance and helps keep your ingredients fresh and frosty.

If you’re in the market for a top-notch condensing unit, look no further than the True‍ 874547. Click⁤ the link below to get‌ your hands on this must-have piece of equipment​ today:

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Thank you for joining ​us on ‍this review journey. Stay tuned for⁤ more insightful product reviews from us‌ in the future!

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