If you’re in‌ need of a high-quality replacement⁢ for ⁣your Whirlpool or Kenmore freezer door shelf, look ⁢no further than‌ the UPGRADED WPW10430639‌ Freezer Door Bin W10430639⁢ Shelf ⁣Replacement. We recently got ​our hands ‌on this product, and we can’t wait ‌to share our experience with you. From ⁤its durable⁢ construction to its compatibility​ with various refrigerator models,‍ this freezer door ‌bin is a game-changer. Join us as we dive ​into ‌the details of this must-have replacement part.

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Our upgraded freezer door‌ bin is the perfect replacement part ⁤for your⁣ Whirlpool or Kenmore refrigerator. Crafted from high-quality​ food-grade materials, this shelf bin boasts reinforced‍ edges for improved weight-bearing capacity‍ and enhanced durability. Rest assured that ​our product meets standards higher ‍than OEM, ensuring​ accurate installation every time.

With⁤ dimensions of 12 inches in length, 4.7⁢ inches in depth, ⁣and 2.8 inches⁤ in ⁢height, this ⁣freezer door ‌shelf bin is ⁣compatible with a ‌wide range of Whirlpool and​ Kenmore refrigerator models, including but not⁣ limited to ‍WRS576FIDB02, 10651152112, and many more. Each order includes⁢ one freezer door bin and two fridge magnets,⁢ all backed ‌by ‍a 365-day warranty. If you encounter any issues with your purchase, our dedicated team is ready to provide professional assistance within 12 hours. Don’t⁢ settle for‍ less – upgrade your refrigerator with ⁣our superior replacement shelf ​bin today!

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Product​ Features and Highlights

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When it comes to‍ the WPW10430639 Freezer⁤ Door Bin, there are several⁢ standout features that make it⁤ a top choice‍ for replacement⁣ parts. The freezer door ⁢bin is ‍designed with dimensions of⁢ 12 inches in length, 4.7 inches in ‌depth, and 2.8 inches⁣ in height, ensuring a perfect ‍fit⁣ for your refrigerator. What sets this freezer⁢ door​ bin apart is its high-quality food-grade material that‍ guarantees maximum safety and hygiene during use. The reinforced⁣ edges of the bin enhance its weight-bearing​ capacity, prolonging its lifespan compared to standard ​OEM parts.

Compatible with a range of Whirlpool and Kenmore refrigerator models, the WPW10430639 Freezer Door Bin is‌ a ⁤versatile⁤ solution to your replacement needs. From WRS576FIDB02 to​ 10651159111, ⁢this bin fits a wide array of models, ensuring you find the right match. With a ⁣package‌ that includes 1⁣ x freezer door bin and 2⁢ x fridge magnets, along​ with a‌ 365-day warranty, you ⁣can⁢ rest assured that‍ you are getting quality assurance and excellent customer service. Don’t let a broken freezer door bin inconvenience you any longer – ‌upgrade to ⁤the WPW10430639 and ‍enjoy a hassle-free experience! Check it out on Amazon

Detailed Insights and ​Recommendations

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Our detailed insights have revealed that⁢ the UPGRADED WPW10430639 Freezer Door Bin⁤ is a perfect replacement‌ option for your Whirlpool or Kenmore refrigerator. With dimensions of 12 inches in length, ‌4.7 inches in depth,⁢ and 2.8 inches in​ height, ‌this freezer door bin is designed to fit perfectly in⁢ your fridge. The high-quality food-grade material used in its construction ensures maximum safety and‍ hygiene, while the reinforced ‍edges improve its⁣ weight-bearing‌ capacity and longevity. Our standards ⁣are ​higher⁣ than OEM to guarantee ⁣accurate‌ installation, giving you peace of mind.

When it comes to compatibility, this freezer door bin is a versatile solution. It can replace both Whirlpool and Kenmore‌ freezer door bins, fitting a wide ‌range of models for⁤ each brand. ⁤The package includes⁣ 1 WPW10430639 freezer door bin ⁣and 2 fridge magnets, along ‌with​ a 365-day warranty for your satisfaction. If you encounter ‌any ‍issues with the product, our ‍professional team is ready to assist you within 12 hours. Don’t ⁣hesitate to upgrade ⁤your refrigerator with this reliable and convenient ‍replacement part. Check it out on Amazon for a hassle-free shopping experience.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer ⁢Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ⁤the customer reviews for the‌ UPGRADED WPW10430639 Freezer⁤ Door Bin W10430639 Shelf Replacement,⁣ it is clear that customers ‌are mostly satisfied⁤ with ​the ⁢product. Here are some key points from the ​reviews:

  • Perfect Fit: Customers have mentioned that​ the ‌freezer door bin fits their refrigerator perfectly, ensuring that it holds freezer ⁤items securely.
  • Affordable: Many customers have highlighted the fact​ that this replacement shelf is much cheaper than getting an ‌original​ one from the manufacturer.
  • Quality Packaging: Customers appreciate the quality‌ packaging of the product, ensuring that‍ it arrives in good condition.
  • Easy Installation: Customers⁤ have noted that​ the installation process is​ straightforward and only takes a few ​minutes.
  • Additional Gifts: Some customers ​were ⁤pleasantly surprised to find ​extra ceramic magnets included⁢ with the product, making it a nice bonus.

Overall, the⁢ UPGRADED WPW10430639 Freezer⁤ Door​ Bin W10430639 Shelf Replacement seems‍ to be ​a reliable and cost-effective option for those looking to upgrade⁣ their Kenmore refrigerator. ​If you’re in need of a replacement shelf for your freezer door, this product comes highly recommended by satisfied customers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1 High-quality material
2 Reinforced⁣ edges for durability
3 Compatible⁢ with various Whirlpool and Kenmore models
4 365-day warranty
5 Professional customer​ service


1. May⁣ not fit all Whirlpool and‍ Kenmore ⁢refrigerator models, so double check compatibility before purchasing

2. Only​ fits the bottom 3 shelves of the refrigerator


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Q: Is the WPW10430639 ​Freezer⁢ Door Shelf Bin compatible‍ with my refrigerator model?
A: The WPW10430639 Freezer Door Shelf Bin is compatible with​ various Whirlpool and Kenmore refrigerator ‍models. If you are unsure if it will fit your specific model,⁣ feel free⁢ to reach ‌out to us, and we ‌will assist you in confirming compatibility.

Q: How is the WPW10430639⁣ Freezer Door Shelf Bin different from the ⁣original shelf?
A: The WPW10430639 Freezer Door Shelf Bin is an⁣ upgraded replacement made of high-quality food-grade⁣ materials ⁣with reinforced edges ‌for ⁢improved strength and durability compared to the original shelf.

Q: How⁣ do I know ⁣if the WPW10430639 Freezer Door Shelf‍ Bin ​will fit ‌my Kenmore refrigerator?
A:⁣ The ⁤WPW10430639 ‍Freezer Door Shelf Bin‌ can replace Kenmore freezer Door Shelf⁢ Bins for various model numbers. ⁣If you are unsure⁣ if it‍ will fit your specific model, please consult the provided list or contact us ⁢for assistance.

Q: What is included in‍ the⁢ package with the⁣ WPW10430639 Freezer​ Door Shelf Bin?
A: ⁣The‌ package⁢ includes 1⁢ WPW10430639⁣ Freezer Door ‌Bin,⁣ 2​ fridge magnets, and ⁢a 365-day⁣ warranty. If there are any⁤ issues‌ with the product, our professional team is available to ‍assist you within 12 hours for a resolution.

Embody Excellence

In conclusion, the UPGRADED WPW10430639 Freezer Door Bin is a top-quality replacement part that⁣ fits perfectly in your Kenmore or Whirlpool refrigerator. With​ reinforced edges and a durable‍ construction, this freezer ‍door bin is designed to last and provide ⁤optimal storage space.⁤ Plus,‍ with our 365-day warranty and‍ responsive customer service team, you can ‍shop with confidence knowing that we have ‍your back.

Upgrade your‍ fridge today with the WPW10430639 Freezer Door Bin and experience the convenience​ of a well-organized freezer compartment. ​Don’t hesitate, click the link below to get⁢ your hands on⁤ this must-have replacement part now!

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