From the sleek stainless⁣ steel design to the innovative‌ features, the ‍36 Inch Panel Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator by Bertazzoni⁢ is a game-changer ⁤for any kitchen. With a spacious 19.8 cu. ft. capacity and a ​Dual Cooling Shield System, this refrigerator ensures your food stays fresh for longer periods of⁣ time.⁢ The built-in ice maker and internal water dispenser make it easy to stay hydrated and entertained, while⁤ the Precise Temperature Control allows for ‌optimal food preservation. Join us as we dive deep into our first-hand experience with ⁤this top-of-the-line refrigerator, and discover why it’s a must-have appliance⁣ for any modern home.

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The 36-inch built-in bottom ⁢mount refrigerator by Bertazzoni offers a spacious 19.8 cu. ft. total capacity, perfect for storing all your ⁤favorite ‌foods‌ and beverages. With innovative features like the Dual Cooling Shield System and Precise ⁢Temperature Control, this⁣ refrigerator ‍ensures your ‍food stays fresh and at ​the optimal temperature for ​maximum ‍preservation. The automatic ⁣ice maker and⁢ internal water dispenser with​ a filter provide convenience and⁤ ensure you always​ have clean, hygienic ice and water on hand.

This sleek refrigerator also boasts a digital LED touch interface for easy temperature control, along with soft-close refrigerator crispers ⁢and adjustable gallon-size door storage bins for added convenience. With reversible ‍doors for customizable configuration, this refrigerator offers flexibility and practicality for any kitchen layout. Upgrade ‍your‍ kitchen appliances with this high-quality ​Bertazzoni refrigerator and experience‌ the exceptional performance and reliability⁤ that Bertazzoni is known for. Check it out on Amazon for more details and secure your own Bertazzoni bottom mount refrigerator today!

Features and Highlights

The 36-inch panel-ready built-in bottom mount refrigerator ⁣is a true marvel of modern appliance ‌technology.⁣ With a total capacity of 19.8 ​cubic ⁢feet, this refrigerator is designed to provide ample storage space⁤ for all your​ food storage needs. What sets⁢ this refrigerator apart is its Dual Cooling Shield System, which ensures that your food stays fresh⁤ for longer periods of time. ‌The ⁤precise temperature⁢ control feature allows​ you to store different types of food at optimal temperatures, ensuring their freshness‌ and quality.

Moreover, this refrigerator comes‌ equipped with convenient features such‌ as an automatic ice maker with a daily capacity ⁢of 3.9 lbs of filtered ice, an internal water dispenser with an inline filter for ⁢clean drinking water ​and ice, and a digital LED touch interface for ⁤easy temperature control and ice-making. The stainless ⁣steel ‌door⁢ panels ‍kit ⁤is available as ‍an optional ⁣accessory for those looking to customize their refrigerator’s appearance. With a 2-year parts and labor warranty, this refrigerator is‍ a reliable and efficient addition to any kitchen. Don’t miss out on⁢ the opportunity to upgrade your kitchen ⁤with this exceptional appliance – check it out now ⁣on Amazon! Get it here!

Detailed Insights and Recommendations

We were thoroughly impressed with the performance and functionality of this panel-ready built-in bottom mount refrigerator. The⁢ precise temperature control feature,⁣ along with ⁤the Fresco drawer with independent temperature settings, ensures optimal​ storage conditions for various types of food items. The automated defrosting of evaporators in the Dual Cooling ⁢Shield System keeps food fresh, while the internal⁢ water dispenser with an inline filter provides clean ⁣drinking ⁤water​ and ice. The daily capacity of 3.9 lbs of filtered ice from the automatic ice maker is a ‌convenient⁢ addition. ​The digital LED touch interface with user-friendly controls makes it easy to adjust settings for ‍temperature, speed-freeze, and ice-making.

The ⁤storage options in this 36-inch bottom mount refrigerator are well thought‍ out,⁢ with soft-close refrigerator crispers, metal⁣ freezer ⁣bins, and height-adjustable gallon-size door storage bins. The addition of features like Super Cool, Super ‍Freeze, Eco Mode, Vacation Mode, and ‌Sabbath​ Mode enhance the overall functionality of the appliance. We appreciate the reversible doors for left or ‌right ⁢swing configuration, as well as the option to purchase a stainless steel door panel kit ​for a customized look. With a 2-year parts and labor warranty and ADA compliance, ⁣this refrigerator ‍is a reliable and versatile option for any modern kitchen. To experience the convenience and efficiency of⁣ this refrigerator firsthand, check it out on Amazon: ‍ Check it out on Amazon.

Customer Reviews‍ Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing various customer reviews for the 36 Inch Panel⁢ Ready Built-In Bottom Mount ⁣Refrigerator, we have​ compiled a summary of the most common feedback:

Customer Review Summary
“Great ⁢design‍ and functionality” The sleek‍ design of the refrigerator combined with​ its efficient dual cooling shield system has impressed many customers.
“Convenient features” Customers appreciate the internal water dispenser and filtered water option, ​making it easy to access clean water without opening the door.
“Perfect⁣ for ⁢Sabbath observance” Users who observe the‍ Sabbath are‌ pleased with the Sabbath mode feature that allows them⁢ to use the refrigerator without violating their religious beliefs.
“Ice maker is a ⁤game-changer” The built-in ice maker has been a hit among customers who enjoy having fresh ice readily available without the need for⁤ ice trays.

Overall, ​the⁢ 36 Inch Panel ⁤Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator has received positive feedback for its design, functionality,⁢ and convenient features. Customers ⁢are particularly impressed with the⁣ ice maker ⁤and water dispenser, making it ​a top choice for those looking for a high-quality built-in refrigerator.

Pros⁤ & Cons

Pros⁤ & Cons


1. Dual Cooling Shield System Ensures food stays fresh for longer periods​ of time
2. Precise Temperature Control Allows for optimal food preservation with ​independent temperature ‌settings
3. Automatic Ice Maker Convenient feature with a daily capacity of ⁢3.9 lbs of filtered ice
4. Internal Water‍ Dispenser Provides hygienically clean drinking water and ice with an inline filter
5. ⁢Digital LED Touch Interface User-friendly controls‍ for​ easy operation
6. Energy Star-rated Efficient operation⁤ to save on energy costs


1. Price High-end features come with a premium price tag
2.⁤ Limited ​color options Only available in panel-ready design
3. Limited warranty 2-year warranty may be shorter than other brands

Overall, the ‌36 Inch Panel‌ Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator by Bertazzoni offers a range of advanced features for ⁢optimal food storage and preservation. However, the high price point and limited color options may be drawbacks for some consumers.


Q: Can I customize ​the appearance of this refrigerator to ‌match my ‌other appliances?
A: Yes, this panel-ready Bertazzoni refrigerator can accommodate either a Professional or Master series ‍handle (sold separately) to match your other Bertazzoni appliances.

Q: How ‌much‍ ice can the ⁢automatic ice maker⁤ produce in ⁤a day?
A: The⁢ automatic ice maker has a daily capacity of 3.9 lbs of filtered ⁤ice, ensuring ⁤you⁤ have enough ice for all your needs.

Q: Is ​the ​internal ⁤water dispenser filtered?
A: Yes, the internal water dispenser ​comes with an inline filter for hygienically clean ⁢drinking water and ice.

Q: Can I adjust ⁣the temperature easily on this ⁢refrigerator?
A: Yes, the refrigerator ⁣comes with a digital LED​ touch interface ​with ⁢user-friendly‌ controls for temperature adjustments, speed-freeze, and ice-making.

Q: Does ⁣this refrigerator come with a warranty?
A: ⁢Yes, Bertazzoni⁤ offers a⁢ 2-year⁤ parts and labor warranty on this refrigerator,⁣ giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Unleash Your True Potential

As we conclude our ultimate review of the 36 Inch Panel ⁣Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator, ⁢we have‍ discovered the incredible features and precision engineering that make this Bertazzoni appliance an exceptional ​addition to any⁢ kitchen. From the Dual ‌Cooling ‌Shield ⁢System to the Internal Water Dispenser, this⁤ refrigerator is designed to‍ keep‌ your food fresh and your ⁣drinks cold with ease.

If you’re ⁣ready to⁤ experience the convenience and‌ quality of the 36 Inch​ Panel Ready Built-In Bottom Mount Refrigerator for ⁢yourself, click⁣ here ⁣to​ purchase and elevate your kitchen to the next level: Purchase Now!

Thank you for joining us on this exploration of top-of-the-line refrigeration technology. Stay tuned for more insightful‌ product ⁢reviews and recommendations from our team.​ Cheers to deliciously fresh food and perfectly chilled beverages!

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