Deliciously Portable: Stariver Travel Kettle and Rice Cooker in One!

We have discovered the perfect travel companion for tea lovers and rice enthusiasts alike! The Stariver Travel Electric Kettle and Small Rice Cooker combo is a game-changer when it comes to portable culinary convenience. This innovative two-in-one product boasts a 350ML capacity for the electric kettle and can cook up to 2 cups of rice in the small rice cooker.

One of our favorite features is the BPA-free construction, ensuring that our health isn’t compromised while on the go. With three temperature settings for the electric kettle, we have the freedom to prepare our favorite hot beverages, such as delicate green tea or robust coffee. The compact size of both the kettle and rice cooker, combined with the easy-to-use handle, makes them incredibly portable and ideal for travel.

Whether we are camping, staying in a hotel, or simply want a quick meal or cup of tea at the office, the Stariver Travel Kettle and Rice Cooker in One has become our new go-to culinary companion.