Indulgent Review: Five-finger hair Soup Mix – Yummy or Yuck

Have you ever wondered what five-finger hair tastes like? Well, we certainly did when we tried the 五指毛桃汤90g/3.17oz Red bean, Five-finger hair, Poria cocos, Euryale, Coix seed mixed soup ingredients. We were a bit skeptical at first, but the combination of these unique ingredients created a surprisingly delicious and comforting soup mix. The red bean added a sweet and earthy flavor, while the five-finger hair brought a subtle hint of floral notes. The Poria cocos, Euryale, and Coix seed rounded out the mix with their nutty and chewy texture. Overall, this soup mix was a delightful surprise that we would definitely recommend trying for yourself. Yummy or yuck? Definitely yummy in our books!