Welcome⁢ to our‌ product review blog! ⁣Today, we are excited to share our ⁣first-hand experience with the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery. This beautiful baguette flipping board has truly exceeded our expectations ⁤in ⁤terms of functionality and craftsmanship. With its bevelled edges, transferring dough onto‍ the peel and onto‌ the baking surface has never been⁣ easier. We also ⁣love⁣ the ‍added convenience of⁣ a hanging hole‌ for⁣ easy storage and the built-in ruler for precise‍ measurements. The EZ-PICKUP design, with slightly unlevel shorter sides, ⁣allows for effortless handling of the board even⁢ when it’s lying on a flat surface. Additionally, the‌ perfect size​ of 22.5″ x 4″ x 0.25″ ensures easy placement ‌of‍ dough onto ⁣a​ baking stone. The top performance guarantee gives us confidence in knowing that ⁤this transfer peel will help us effortlessly transfer our shaped dough while⁢ maintaining ⁢its shape. And if, for any reason, it doesn’t meet our expectations, we​ can simply return it for a full refund. Not only is‍ this baguette transfer peel highly functional, but‍ it’s ⁣also a stunning piece of craftsmanship. Its elegant design,⁣ texture, and weight make⁢ it a joy to hold ⁤and work with.⁤ Overall, we‍ are extremely impressed‍ with ‌the‌ Premium⁤ Baguette Transfer ⁣Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery, and we highly recommend it to fellow baking enthusiasts.

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Overview of the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized – A ⁣Beautiful ​Baguette Flipping Board by Saint Germain Bakery

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In our review⁢ of the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by Saint Germain ⁤Bakery, we are impressed by its extremely functional ​design. The bevelled edges of‍ the flipping board make ‍it easy to smoothly⁤ roll the dough onto the peel and off ‍onto ‌the ⁤baking surface. Additionally, it features a hole for hanging, allowing for convenient storage, and a ⁣built-in ruler for precise measurements. This attention ‌to detail showcases the thoughtfulness that went into creating this beautiful⁤ baguette​ flipping board.

One of the​ standout features of this ⁢transfer peel ‍is its EZ-PICKUP design. The shorter sides of​ the board are ⁢purposely ⁣slightly unlevel to make picking it up effortless, ⁢even ​when it lies on a flat surface. This feature adds to the overall usability ⁢and convenience of⁣ the peel.

With dimensions of 22.5″ x 4″ x 0.25″, this baguette ​flipping board is the⁤ perfect size. It is ‍neither ⁤too long nor too short, allowing for easy placement of dough onto a baking stone.⁣ The length is specifically designed to be slightly shorter than a standard home oven’s width, ensuring a seamless transfer‌ process. Furthermore, the Premium Baguette ‌Transfer Peel​ Oversized ​comes with ​a top performance guarantee.​ If it doesn’t ⁤deliver the effortless transfer of shaped dough while preserving its shape, you can return ​it for a ‍full⁣ refund.

Not only is this baguette flipping board highly functional, ‌but it also‌ showcases beautiful⁤ craftsmanship. Its elegant design‌ is pleasing to ⁣the eye, and the texture and​ weight of the board are carefully crafted ⁣to provide a perfect feel⁤ in your hands. Overall, if​ you’re a⁢ baker looking for a high-quality baguette transfer peel, we highly ​recommend‍ considering the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel ​Oversized‍ by Saint Germain Bakery. ⁣You can find it on Amazon and experience the joy of effortless‍ dough transfer by clicking here.

Highlights of the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized – A Beautiful Baguette Flipping Board ⁣by‌ Saint Germain‍ Bakery

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The Premium Baguette​ Transfer Peel⁤ Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery is truly a game-changer when it comes to baking bread. The bevelled edges of this beautiful baguette flipping board make it incredibly‌ easy to roll ‍the dough onto the peel ⁣and off to the baking surface. No more struggling to transfer your dough and risk ruining⁣ its shape!

But the functionality doesn’t‍ stop there. This​ transfer peel⁢ also features a hole for hanging, allowing you to​ conveniently store it‌ away when not in use. And let’s not ‍forget about the handy ⁤built-in ruler for measurements.​ With this peel, you can ensure that your baguettes are the perfect size every time.

Measuring at 22.5″⁤ x 4″ x 0.25″, the size of this peel ⁣is just right. It’s not too long and not⁤ too ‌short,⁢ making it the ideal tool for placing your dough ​onto a‌ baking stone. And let us assure you, the ⁤top performance of this peel is guaranteed. If you find that it​ falls⁤ short of ⁢your expectations, simply⁣ return it for a full refund.

The ⁤craftsmanship of this baguette transfer peel is truly remarkable. Its well-designed, elegant ​appearance will captivate you, and its texture and weight are specifically designed to feel perfect in⁣ your hands. It’s not just a tool, ⁤it’s a work ​of art.

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In-depth Insights of the ⁢Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized -⁤ A Beautiful⁢ Baguette​ Flipping Board by Saint Germain Bakery

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The Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery is an essential ⁤tool for every baking‌ enthusiast. Its functionality ‌is unparalleled, thanks to the bevelled edges⁣ that make rolling⁢ dough onto⁣ the peel and off to the baking surface​ a breeze. Additionally, it features a convenient ⁤hole for hanging and a built-in ruler for precise measurements, ensuring your​ dough is the perfect⁣ size.

One of the standout features of this transfer peel is its ⁣EZ-PICKUP ⁣design. The shorter sides of the peel are slightly unlevel, making it effortless‍ to pick up ⁣the board while it lies on a flat surface. This thoughtful design element adds to ‌the overall ​user experience and ⁣convenience.

The size of the transfer peel is just⁣ right – ​not too long and not too short. Measuring at 22.5″ x 4″ x 0.25″, it perfectly fits the width of a standard home oven, making it easy to place your dough onto a baking stone. You can trust that this transfer peel⁢ will perform flawlessly, as⁤ it comes⁢ with a top ​performance guarantee. If it ⁣falls⁣ short of your expectations, simply return⁢ it for a⁤ full refund.

The ⁢beautiful craftsmanship of the Premium ​Baguette ‌Transfer⁤ Peel Oversized is evident in ⁣its well-designed and⁤ elegant appearance. Not only is it visually appealing, but its texture and weight are also carefully designed to‌ feel perfect in your hands. With this transfer peel, you can‌ elevate your baking experience and create professional-quality baguettes.

Don’t ‌miss out‌ on ‍this incredible baking tool. Order your very own ‌Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized today and take ​your baking skills to the next⁣ level!

Specific‌ Recommendations for the Premium Baguette Transfer ‍Peel Oversized⁣ – A Beautiful Baguette Flipping Board by⁢ Saint ⁢Germain Bakery

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Our specific recommendations for the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized ‌by Saint Germain Bakery are based on its exceptional ⁣functionality and beautiful craftsmanship. The⁣ bevelled⁢ edges of ​this ​flipping⁣ board​ make⁢ rolling the dough onto the‍ peel and off to the baking surface a breeze. ‌Additionally, the peel features a handy built-in ruler for precise measurements, as well as a hole for easy hanging storage.

One of the standout features is its EZ-PICKUP design. The shorter sides of the board are slightly unlevel, allowing for effortless pickup even when it lies on a flat surface.​ This‌ thoughtful⁤ design element enhances the overall convenience of using this baguette transfer peel.

The perfect ‍size of this ⁢peel, measuring ⁢at 22.5″ x 4″ x ‌0.25″, ensures that it is neither ⁤too long nor too short. Its length is specifically tailored⁤ to fit most standard home⁢ ovens, making it ideal for seamlessly placing the dough onto a baking stone.

At Saint⁢ Germain Bakery, we ‍are confident in the top performance of⁤ our transfer​ peel. We guarantee that it will help you effortlessly transfer your shaped dough while keeping its shape intact.​ However, if you find that it falls short of your expectations, simply​ return it for a FULL ‌REFUND.

Visit our product page on Amazon to experience the exceptional functionality ⁣and beauty of the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery firsthand. Get yours today and elevate your baking game. ⁣

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have compiled a list ​of customer reviews for the⁤ Premium‍ Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized – A Beautiful Baguette Flipping Board by Saint Germain‍ Bakery.‌ Let’s take a closer look at ⁤what customers are‌ saying about ​this product:

“The measurement guide helped me size up my baguettes so they fit the cooking⁢ space. The wood is nice and smooth⁣ and ⁣made transferring the dough easy. It ⁣gets the job done! I also like ‍that it has ​a ⁤hole for hanging. ⁣That makes life⁤ easier⁤ in my small kitchen.”

This customer appreciates‍ the measurement guide provided by the baguette flipping board as it helps them perfectly ⁢size up their baguettes. They find‌ the wood surface smooth and mention that transferring the dough is made ⁣easy using this peel. The customer ⁤also highlights the convenience of the‌ hanging hole ‍in their small kitchen.

“Makes putting baguettes on a hot baking‌ stone much easier. It’s light yet well made, very strong, no flex but thin. Definitely recommended.”

This review‍ highlights the ⁣ease of use provided by ⁣the baguette flipping board. The customer mentions that the tool makes it easier ‌to place baguettes on‌ a hot baking stone. They also appreciate the lightweight yet strong build of the product.

“Just what I‌ needed. I used to use ⁤a piece of cardboard​ to flip and turn my baguettes. Now I have this, and it’s much⁣ easier‍ plus⁢ it’s marked with a ruler.”

The customer expresses ⁤their satisfaction with the baguette flipping board, stating that it is exactly what they needed. They used to rely on a ⁣piece of cardboard, but the new tool makes‌ flipping​ and turning baguettes much easier.‍ They also appreciate the​ added ruler markings for accurate measurements.

“I​ haven’t tackled baguettes⁢ yet, BUT for ⁤my longer Italian Loaves ⁣- this is a perfect transfer peel and works wonderfully without⁤ the ends of the loaf ​or ‌the center sagging as you’re trying to ⁤get ⁢the loaf into⁤ the baking vessel or on the baking stone! St.​ Germaine‍ is a wonderful source for ‌new‌ and experienced bakers!”

In this ⁢review, the ⁢customer hasn’t used the baguette ⁢flipping board for ​baguettes specifically but attests to its effectiveness with longer Italian loaves.⁤ They find it perfect for transferring the loaves without any‍ sagging or difficulty. The customer ⁢also praises Saint​ Germain Bakery as ‌a ‍reliable ⁤source⁢ for bakers of all levels.

“No complaints, but I‌ use a recipe⁤ that doesn’t require a peel.”

This review is brief but mentions that the customer has‍ no‍ complaints about the⁢ product. However, they do not require⁤ a peel‍ for their recipe.

“I purchased⁣ this transfer peel for making baguette loaves. It seems⁣ nicely made, and the measurement markings on the edge may come in handy. It’s very lightweight. It does what it is supposed⁢ to do, but it seems very overpriced for what ‍you are actually getting. I could‍ have made one out of some hardwood for probably less‌ than $5 that would have‌ been⁢ just as functional.”

The customer acknowledges that the baguette flipping board ⁤is well-made‍ and appreciates the measurement ‌markings. However, ⁣they feel that the product is overpriced for​ its functionality. They ⁤believe they could have made a similar peel using hardwood for a fraction ‌of⁤ the cost.

“What sets this transfer peel ⁢apart from the ones ‍you can buy at King Arthur Flour⁤ (which is 26″ ​long) or Breadtopia (which is ⁤23.5″ long) ⁢is the engraved ruler, and the home-oven​ friendly size of⁤ the peel. This transfer peel is only ‌22.5″ inches, which means it actually fits inside‍ a home-sized oven, ‌so you can directly transfer the baguette to the ‌hot baking ‍stone. ⁣And this is the only peel ⁢that has engraved measurements, so it’s like a large ⁣ruler to help ensure that your loaves are a consistent length (and aren’t too big to fit on your stone). ⁢If you are making multiple loaves,​ you can use it to transfer loaves to a parchment-lined pizza peel, ​but I usually just ‍make one loaf at a time, so this works ⁣great. As‌ with all wood boards,⁣ do rub it down as needed with a thin coat of​ food-grade⁤ mineral oil ⁤to keep‍ it from drying out. ​Otherwise, it’s pretty low-maintenance. Thoughtful and⁣ well-executed product for the home⁤ baker.”

This detailed review highlights ‌the ‌unique features of the baguette flipping board. The customer appreciates the⁢ engraved‍ ruler, which helps ensure consistently⁣ sized loaves. They ​also mention the home-oven friendly size of ‌the ⁣peel, allowing for direct transfer⁢ of the baguette to a⁢ hot baking stone. The versatility of‍ using it with parchment-lined pizza peels⁤ for multiple loaves is mentioned. The review concludes ⁢by emphasizing the ‌low-maintenance nature and overall thoughtfulness of the ⁤product for home bakers.

“Just learn how to bake baguette at home and need to have ‌a transfer peel. Looking ⁣through ‌Amazon, the Baguette‌ Transfer Peel from Saint Germain Bakery immediately ‍captures my view. ⁢Without hesitation, I made a purchase. Received ⁤within 5 days and started⁤ using. This⁤ peel is amazing, not only⁣ has the perfect length but also it⁣ is so easy to‌ use,⁤ and the transfer is so smooth sailing, making my‌ baking so enjoyable. Moreover, the appearance of the peel is ⁣such a‌ beauty. I would recommend this baguette peel with ⁣10 stars.”

In this extremely positive review,⁤ the customer ⁣expresses their delight in discovering the Baguette Transfer Peel. They​ mention that it ⁣caught their ​attention while browsing on Amazon ⁣and swiftly made the purchase. The customer finds the peel amazing, praising its perfect length, ease of use, and smooth transfer. They emphasize how enjoyable their baking experience has become with the use ‍of⁢ this peel. Additionally, they appreciate the appealing appearance​ of the product and would highly recommend it.

“This works ‌as intended, no issues.⁤ I do have one question, why did mine come ⁤with ​engraving for a ‌bread⁤ recipe, and the ⁤website⁢ doesn’t exist? The images don’t⁤ show any‍ engraving like ‌that. It kind of annoys me, ⁢but ​doesn’t affect how this product is​ used.”

In this review, ​the customer​ states that the baguette flipping board functions‌ as intended without any issues. However,‍ they ⁤question the presence of an engraving for a bread recipe ​on their‌ peel, considering that there is no corresponding website. While it slightly annoys them,⁤ it ‍does not impact⁣ the functionality of the⁣ product.

“Really enjoying‍ using​ this item.⁣ Makes the picking up of the baguette dough ⁢very easy.”

The final review expresses the customer’s enjoyment in using the baguette flipping board. They specifically highlight how it simplifies ​the​ process of picking up baguette dough.

Overall ⁤Analysis

From the customer reviews, it is clear that the Premium Baguette Transfer ​Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery is well-regarded for its functionality and convenience. Customers appreciate ⁤the measurement‌ guide, smooth wood surface, and ‍lightweight yet‌ sturdy‍ build of ​the peel. The engraved ruler is particularly‍ praised for facilitating consistent ⁢loaf sizes. The baguette flipping board’s versatility in fitting ​home-sized ovens and its low-maintenance nature are also acknowledged. However, some customers believe that the product is overpriced compared to alternatives and express disappointment with unexpected engravings.⁢ Overall, the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, with many customers expressing high⁤ satisfaction and recommending the Baguette Transfer Peel.

Pros &⁣ Cons


  1. Extremely functional: The bevelled edges make ⁣it easy to ‍roll​ the dough onto the peel and transfer it to the baking surface. The built-in ruler also helps with measurements.
  2. EZ-PICKUP ⁢design: The slightly unlevel shorter sides allow for effortless picking up⁣ of the board, even when it’s lying on‌ a flat surface.
  3. Perfect size: With dimensions of 22.5″ x 4″ x 0.25″,⁢ it is the ⁢ideal length for⁤ easy placement of dough onto a baking stone.
  4. Top performance⁤ guarantee: The​ transfer peel ensures⁣ that your shaped dough will be ‍transferred effortlessly while‌ maintaining its shape. ⁣If it ⁢doesn’t meet your expectations, ‌you can return​ it for a full refund.
  5. Beautiful ‍craftsmanship: The‍ baguette transfer peel is ⁣well-designed, elegant, and ⁣has a professional​ appearance. It not ⁣only looks beautiful⁣ but also feels perfect in ​your hands.


  1. No color options available: The peel only comes in one‍ color, limiting ​customization options.
  2. May be⁤ too​ large for ​some home ovens: While the size is‍ perfect for most, it may not fit properly in smaller ovens.
  3. Requires ‍additional ‌storage space: The ​hanging hole allows ⁤for easy storage, but it‌ may take⁣ up extra space if you don’t have ‌an appropriate place to hang it.


Q: How does the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery work?

A: ​The Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized by ⁣Saint Germain Bakery is designed with bevelled edges that make it easy ⁣to⁢ roll dough onto the peel and off onto⁣ the baking surface. Additionally,‌ it⁣ features a hole‌ for hanging to store‌ away and a built-in ruler for precise ⁤measurements. Its ‌EZ-PICKUP design ensures effortless lifting from a flat surface, ⁣thanks to its⁤ slightly‌ unlevel‍ shorter sides. Overall, this baguette flipping board is extremely functional and user-friendly.

Q: What are the dimensions of the transfer peel?

A: The Premium ‌Baguette Transfer Peel‌ Oversized measures 22.5″ x 4″ x‍ 0.25″.‍ This size makes it the ⁢perfect ⁣length, slightly shorter than a standard home oven’s⁤ width, allowing for easy placement of dough onto a baking stone.

Q: Does the transfer peel live up to its performance ​guarantee?

A: Absolutely! We stand behind the top performance of our transfer peel.​ It will effortlessly help you ​transfer your shaped dough while maintaining its⁤ shape. However, ​if you feel that it‌ fell short of your expectations, rest assured⁢ that you can simply​ return ⁤it for a FULL REFUND.

Q: Is⁢ the transfer peel aesthetically pleasing?

A: Yes, indeed! The Premium Baguette Transfer ⁣Peel Oversized by Saint Germain Bakery showcases beautiful craftsmanship. It is well-designed, elegant, and exudes‍ a professional appearance.​ Its ‍texture and weight⁢ have also been carefully ⁢considered to provide a ⁤perfect feel in the hands.

Q: Are ⁤there any ⁣additional features that make this transfer peel stand out?

A: Along ⁢with its functional design, this baguette⁢ flipping ⁤board⁣ features bevelled edges, a hanging⁢ hole ⁢for‌ convenient ‌storage, and a ‍built-in ruler ⁣for precise measurements. These additional features enhance the overall ​usability and practicality of the transfer‌ peel.

Q: Can the transfer peel be ⁣used for​ other types of bread apart from baguettes?

A: While specifically designed for baguettes, the functionality of the Premium Baguette ‌Transfer ⁤Peel Oversized extends⁤ to other bread types as well. Its bevelled edges and⁣ EZ-PICKUP design make it suitable⁢ for‌ transferring various bread shapes onto the baking surface with​ ease.

Q: How durable is the transfer peel?

A: The⁢ Premium Baguette Transfer‌ Peel Oversized is crafted with durability in mind. Its high-quality materials ensure it⁤ can withstand ⁢regular‍ use and maintain its functionality‍ over time. Rest ⁣assured, this⁤ baguette ⁤flipping board is built to last.

Q: Is the transfer peel easy​ to clean?

A: Yes, cleaning the Premium Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized is a breeze. Simply wipe it down⁤ with a damp cloth⁢ or wash it with⁢ mild soap and ‌water. It is important to note⁣ that this transfer peel is not dishwasher safe.

Reveal the Extraordinary

In conclusion, the Saint Germain Bakery Baguette Transfer Peel Oversized has‍ proven to be ‍the ultimate ⁤tool for ⁢any bread enthusiast. With its sleek​ design and incredible functionality, this baguette flipping board will elevate your ‌baking⁢ experience to a ⁤whole new level.

The bevelled edges make it easy to transfer your dough onto the peel and onto the baking surface effortlessly. The addition of a hanging hole and built-in ruler for measurements shows the⁢ attention‍ to detail and practicality that went into the design.

We also love the EZ-PICKUP design, where⁢ the slightly unlevel shorter sides make⁢ it easy⁣ to pick up the ⁣board ​from a flat ⁢surface. This thoughtful feature ⁣ensures ⁣a seamless baking process ⁣without‌ any‍ unnecessary ⁢hassle.

The perfect size of 22.5″ x 4″ x 0.25″ makes this baguette transfer ​peel an ideal tool for any⁤ home kitchen. ‍It fits ⁤perfectly in standard home⁢ ovens, allowing for easy placement of dough onto⁢ a baking stone.

To top it all off, the⁣ top performance guarantee gives you peace of mind that this baguette transfer peel will⁣ deliver on its promise. If it‌ doesn’t meet your ​expectations, simply return it for a full refund.

With its beautiful craftsmanship ⁣and impeccable functionality, the Saint Germain Bakery Baguette Transfer Peel ⁤Oversized is a must-have for any serious ​bread maker. Don’t miss out on this incredible tool that ⁤will bring your baking ‍skills to new ⁢heights.

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