Introducing the⁢ Godox Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger! If you’re ⁢in ​the market for⁣ a high-quality⁢ wireless⁢ flash‌ trigger for your ⁣Fuji camera,⁣ look ⁤no further. We’ve had the pleasure of testing out this amazing product, and we ‍can ​confidently​ say that it exceeds all expectations.

With features ‍like 1/8000s high-speed sync, TTL-Convert-Manual function, and a large screen for easy navigation, this flash trigger offers unparalleled versatility and control.​ The 5 dedicated group buttons and 11 customizable‍ functions allow‍ you to fine-tune your ⁢lighting setup to perfection.

One standout feature of the Xpro-F is ‌the smart TCM button. ⁤With ‍a⁣ long press, you can easily transform the flash value in TTL mode into the power⁤ output value⁤ in M mode.‍ And ‍with a short press, you can switch between one-group and multi-group mode effortlessly.

We‌ were particularly impressed with the⁢ build ‍quality of this flash trigger. It feels solid ⁤and well-made,​ and the buttons and scroll wheel provide positive, tactile feedback. The ⁢LCD screen is clear and easy to read, even in low-light conditions.

Setting up‍ the Xpro-F was a breeze, and⁤ once connected, it worked flawlessly with our⁢ Fuji camera and flash units. Whether we were​ shooting in TTL, manual, or​ HSS ⁣mode,‌ the ⁢results were consistently ‍excellent. And⁣ with its compatibility with the ⁣Godox Ving V860II-F 2.4G TTL flash, we were able to create a comprehensive⁢ flash⁣ system‍ at ‌an affordable price.

Overall, we⁢ were extremely impressed with⁣ the Godox Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash⁢ Trigger. It offers‍ a wide range of features, exceptional performance, and ‌a user-friendly interface. ​If you’re looking to⁢ take your flash photography to the next level, this is⁣ the perfect accessory for you. Don’t miss‍ out on this incredible product!

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The Godox Xpro-F for ⁢Fuji ‍Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger‍ is a versatile and ⁤high-quality flash trigger that is perfect for Fuji camera users. With ⁤its large LCD display, ​you can easily control and trigger up to 16 groups ⁣and ‍32 ⁢channels wirelessly. The display allows you to see all your settings at once, making it ⁤easy to​ adjust and fine-tune your flash setup.

One standout feature ‍of this ‍flash trigger ‍is the Smart ⁤TCM button. By long-pressing the TCM button, you‍ can quickly transform⁣ the ⁢flash value in TTL mode into the power output⁤ value ⁣in M​ mode. This allows for⁤ easy ⁤switching ⁣between different shooting modes ⁣and gives you greater control over your ‍lighting setup.

Another⁣ great feature is the ability to use this trigger as a wireless shutter release trigger. This allows you to⁤ remotely ‍trigger your camera, which is especially useful for long-exposure⁢ and landscape photography.

The⁣ Godox Xpro-F also has⁣ a 2.5mm sync cord jack, making it compatible with ⁣a wide range ⁣of flash equipment. Whether you’re using Godox speedlights or other flash brands, this trigger ‍can easily⁢ integrate into your existing ⁢setup.

Overall, ‌the Godox Xpro-F for Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is ‍a reliable and feature-rich tool for flash photography. Its ease of use, ‌versatile functionality,‌ and‍ high-quality performance make it a must-have⁤ for Fuji camera ‌users. Upgrade your flash system and take⁣ your photography to the next level with ‌this fantastic flash trigger.

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Highlighting ⁣Specific​ Features and Aspects

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In our review of the Godox Xpro-F for ⁤Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger, we want to highlight some of the specific features and aspects that⁢ make this product stand out. One standout feature is the Smart ⁢TCM Button. With a long press, ⁢you‍ can ​transform the ⁣flash value in TTL‍ mode ​into the power output value in M mode. This allows for precise control over ⁣the output of your flash. Additionally, a short press‌ of ‌the TCM button enables you to switch between‍ the one-group and ‍multi-group mode, ⁣giving you versatility in ‌how you control and trigger your ⁣flash.

Another notable‌ aspect of this flash trigger is its versatility in usage. Not only can ‍it be used as a​ wireless flash trigger, but it also functions as ​a wireless shutter release trigger for your camera. Furthermore,‍ it can‍ be ⁢used specifically for Fuji ‍Speedlights and has a ⁢2.5mm sync cord jack for ​wired connections. This flexibility makes it ⁤a valuable tool for⁣ various photography needs.

One feature that⁢ ensures reliable and interference-free performance is the 01-99 Wireless ID system. ​This system ensures that triggering occurs only​ when the channels and wireless ‍IDs of the master ‍and slave units are⁣ set to ‍the‍ same. This effectively eliminates signal interference, allowing​ for seamless and consistent‌ performance.

The large LCD‌ display of ⁤the‌ Xpro-F⁤ is also worth mentioning. With the ability to display 16 groups⁤ and 32 channels, you have full graphic control​ and ‌monitoring⁣ of your flash settings. This makes ‍it easy to adjust and fine-tune your flash setup‌ on the⁣ go.

Overall, the Godox Xpro-F ⁣for​ Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger ⁢is a powerful and versatile tool for photographers. With features like​ the Smart TCM‍ Button, versatile⁤ usage options, interference-free performance,⁤ and a large ⁣LCD display, this ⁢flash trigger​ offers professional-level control and functionality. If you’re ⁣looking to enhance your flash photography ⁣setup, we highly recommend checking out ⁣this product. You can find more information and purchase ⁢the Godox Xpro-F on Amazon.

Detailed Insights ⁢and Specific Recommendations

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In ⁣our , we⁣ want‍ to highlight some key features and ​benefits of the‍ Godox Xpro-F for⁢ Fuji Fujifilm TTL Wireless Flash Trigger.

One notable feature of this flash trigger is the​ Smart TCM⁣ button. ⁣By long-pressing ⁢the⁤ TCM button, you can easily transform the⁢ flash value in TTL mode into the power output value in M mode. This allows for⁣ precise control over ⁣your lighting setup. Additionally, a short‍ press of the TCM ​button enables you to switch​ between one-group and multi-group ‌mode, giving you ⁤greater flexibility‌ in your shooting scenarios.

This flash⁤ trigger offers versatile functionality. It ‌can be used not only as a wireless flash ‌trigger but also as ‍a ⁢wireless shutter release trigger, making it a versatile tool for your ‌photography needs.‌ Additionally, it is compatible with Fuji speedlights and can be used to trigger them wirelessly. With a 2.5mm sync⁤ cord jack, you have⁣ the option to connect other devices for even more control over your lighting setup.

The Godox Xpro-F⁢ features a convenient 01-99 ⁤wireless ID system. This ensures that triggering is achieved⁣ only when the channels‍ and wireless IDs of the ⁢master and slave units are set ​to the same. This helps ‌to ​avoid signal interference, ⁢ensuring ​a reliable and consistent connection between the flash trigger and your speedlights.

With its⁢ large LCD display, this⁤ flash trigger offers a user-friendly interface. It allows you to wirelessly ⁤control ⁤and trigger up to 16 groups and 32 channels. The full graphic ‍display shows the settings ⁤of up to 5 groups simultaneously, making it easy to monitor⁤ and adjust your lighting setup⁤ on⁤ the go.

Overall, the Godox Xpro-F for ‌Fuji ⁢Fujifilm ‌TTL Wireless Flash Trigger is a highly⁣ functional‌ and versatile tool⁤ for photographers ⁣using Fuji cameras. Its smart features, versatile ‌functionality, and‍ user-friendly interface make it a valuable addition ‌to any lighting setup. If you’re looking to enhance your⁢ flash photography,‍ we recommend checking out​ the Godox Xpro-F on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

We have analyzed ⁣the customer reviews for the Godox Xpro-F wireless ‌flash trigger ⁤for Fujifilm cameras. Here’s what we ⁤found:

Review Positive Aspects Negative Aspects
This is ​a very high-quality wireless flash trigger ⁣for Fuji ⁣cameras. High quality, compact size No negative aspects mentioned
I couldn’t be more pleased. Flawless performance, intuitive menus No negative aspects mentioned
The‍ transmitter itself works⁢ great. Great performance, reliable communication, wide variety ‌of choices Instruction manual is not helpful, ⁣doesn’t support rechargeable batteries
Works fine with​ Fujifilm XT-4. Easy to use, great value Difficult ‌setup ⁤process,⁢ poor instructions, limited channel⁣ options
Excellent trigger. TTL functionality, easy to ⁤use No negative aspects mentioned
I have ​several⁤ Godox flashes. Convenient, graphical interface,‍ compact size Occupies flash shoe, photos can​ be misleading
This is an easy to use flash. Easy​ to use No negative⁢ aspects mentioned
The Godox Nikon trigger and receiver‌ works⁣ flawlessly. Full ⁣manual control, reliable performance, compatibility with Nikon flashes No negative​ aspects mentioned
Exactly as required, ⁣fast dispatch. Fast dispatch No negative​ aspects mentioned
I have‍ had a few brands of wireless remote triggers before this. Best and easiest to⁢ use No negative aspects mentioned
Seems‍ to⁣ work well. No negative ‌aspects mentioned No negative aspects mentioned

Based on the customer reviews, ​the Godox ‍Xpro-F wireless flash trigger for Fujifilm cameras has received overwhelmingly positive⁣ feedback. Customers appreciate the high quality and compact⁤ size of the trigger, as well as‍ its‍ flawless performance,⁢ intuitive menus, and reliable⁤ communication. The trigger’s wide variety of choices ⁣and ‍its ability to provide‍ full ‍manual control, remote zoom, and High-Speed‌ Sync are also highly praised.

However, there are a few areas for improvement ⁢highlighted⁤ by customers. The instruction manual is not ⁣considered helpful, ​and ⁢some⁤ users had difficulty⁢ setting up the ⁣trigger due to poor⁤ instructions and limited channel options. Additionally, the ‌trigger ‍does not support rechargeable‌ batteries, which may be⁤ inconvenient⁣ for some photographers.

Overall, with its combination of price,⁣ quality, and functionality, the Godox Xpro-F​ wireless flash trigger for Fujifilm cameras ‍is highly⁢ recommended by customers.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Powerful features: The Godox Xpro-F offers a variety of ⁢advanced functions, including TTL autoflash, 1/8000s high-speed sync, multi flash, ⁤and more, allowing for versatile ⁣and ⁤creative photography.
  • Easy control:‌ The large LCD ‌display and intuitive button layout make it ⁢easy to navigate through ⁣the settings ‌and⁤ adjust the flash output.‌ The smart TCM button allows for quick transformation between TTL⁣ and manual mode.
  • Wide compatibility: ⁤This⁢ flash trigger⁢ is specifically designed for ​Fujifilm cameras, ensuring seamless compatibility‍ and reliable performance.
  • Wireless⁤ functionality: With 16 groups⁣ and 32 channels, the Xpro-F allows for wireless control and‌ triggering of multiple⁤ speedlights.⁣ It also has a wireless shutter⁢ release trigger function, adding to its versatility.
  • High-quality build:⁢ The Xpro-F is made ⁤with high-quality materials, providing⁣ durability and longevity. The buttons, slide switches, and⁤ scroll wheel all offer positive and tactile feedback.
  • Reasonably⁣ priced: Compared to ‍other flash triggers on the market,​ the Godox Xpro-F offers excellent value for its performance and features. It allows for the assembly ‍of a complete external flash system at a more affordable⁢ price point.


  • Small plastic‍ door: One user reported that the small plastic‍ door on the side‌ of the unit does⁣ not remain closed. However, this can be easily fixed with tape or glue for a ⁣more ​aesthetic result.
  • Instructions could be improved: Some users mentioned that the⁢ instruction manual is poorly⁢ organized ⁤and difficult to understand. Watching tutorial ‍videos on YouTube may be helpful for a better understanding of the ⁢product’s features and functionality.
  • Not compatible⁣ with rechargeable batteries: The Xpro-F is not recommended for use with ‌rechargeable‍ batteries. It is advisable to use alkaline batteries for optimal performance if using the‍ flash trigger regularly.


Godox Xpro-F: The Ultimate Wireless Flash Trigger for Fujifilm with Powerful Features & Easy Control插图5
Q: Is⁣ the Godox Xpro-F suitable for Fuji cameras?
A: Yes,‍ the Godox Xpro-F is specifically designed for Fuji Fujifilm cameras.

Q: Can I ‍use the Godox Xpro-F as​ a wireless flash trigger?
A:⁤ Absolutely!⁤ The Godox ⁤Xpro-F is not only a flash trigger but also a wireless shutter release trigger. ​It offers versatile use options.

Q: Is the Godox Xpro-F compatible with other⁤ Godox flash ​units?
A: Yes, the Godox Xpro-F is compatible ‌with other Godox flash units, such as the Ving V860II-F 2.4G ‌TTL ​flash. This allows for a seamless flash photography experience.

Q: How easy is it to⁤ control the⁤ Godox Xpro-F?
A: The Godox Xpro-F features ⁤a large LCD screen that‌ provides clear and ‌easy-to-read information. It also has 5 dedicated group buttons for effortless⁤ control.

Q: Can I customize the functions of ​the⁤ Godox Xpro-F?
A: ⁢Yes, the Godox Xpro-F offers 11 customizable functions, ‌allowing you ‌to tailor the flash trigger to your specific preferences and shooting⁢ style.

Q: Does the Godox Xpro-F support high-speed sync (HSS)?
A: Yes, the⁢ Godox Xpro-F supports high-speed sync ​(HSS) up to 1/8000s. This feature allows you to capture​ fast-moving subjects with ⁢ease.

Q: What is the TCM function of the Godox Xpro-F?
A: The TCM function allows you to transform the flash value⁤ in ⁣TTL mode into the ​power output⁤ value in M‌ mode with a ​long press of the TCM button. This ‌gives you greater control over your flash settings.

Q: Can I ⁢use ‌the Godox‌ Xpro-F with a‍ FujiFilm XT-4 camera?
A: Yes, the Godox‍ Xpro-F is compatible ⁤with the ⁣FujiFilm XT-4⁣ camera. It provides seamless integration and reliable performance.

Q: Does the Godox ​Xpro-F require ​batteries?
A: ⁢Yes, the Godox‌ Xpro-F requires two AA ⁣batteries. Please note that batteries are not included⁤ with the‌ flash trigger.

Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries ⁢with the Godox Xpro-F?
A: ⁢It is recommended to use alkaline batteries ⁤with the Godox Xpro-F for ⁢optimal performance. Rechargeable batteries ⁤may not work as effectively.

Embrace a ‍New Era

Godox Xpro-F: The Ultimate Wireless Flash Trigger for Fujifilm with Powerful Features & Easy Control插图6
In ⁣conclusion, ‌the​ Godox Xpro-F is ‍the ultimate wireless flash‍ trigger for Fujifilm cameras. With ​its powerful features⁣ and⁤ easy control, it provides photographers with ⁣a seamless and efficient flash photography experience.⁢ The large ⁤LCD display allows for easy navigation and adjustment of settings, while the 5 dedicated group buttons ⁢enable precise control over multiple flash units. Additionally, the 1/8000s HSS and TTL-Convert-Manual function provide unparalleled flexibility and creative freedom. The Godox ⁤Xpro-F is not only highly functional but also built to ⁢last, with its high-quality construction and reliable performance. Whether you’re⁤ a professional photographer or‍ a hobbyist, this wireless‌ flash trigger is ⁢a must-have addition to your gear. Don’t miss⁤ out on the opportunity⁢ to elevate ​your flash​ photography to new heights. Click here to get your Godox Xpro-F today!

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