Welcome to our review⁤ of “Early Music for Recorder”! We, at our blog, have had the pleasure of experiencing this delightful product firsthand, and we couldn’t wait to share our thoughts with you. ⁢With its release ⁣back in 1992, this collection of sheet music, published by ⁤Music Sales America, has become a staple ⁣for recorder enthusiasts worldwide. Packed with 32 pages of musical treasures, this English language paperback is a true‍ gem for any⁣ recorder player looking to ⁤explore the​ world of early music. So grab your recorder and join us as we delve into the magical realm of “Early Music for Recorder”!

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Overview ​of Early Music for Recorder

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Upon discovering this ⁣gem of a ​book, we were immediately captivated by the rich and comprehensive content that it offers ⁣for enthusiasts of early music. The “Early Music for Recorder”​ publication, published by Music Sales America, is a valuable resource for those ⁢looking to deepen their⁢ understanding‌ and proficiency in⁢ playing the recorder. With ⁣its English language format, this 32-page paperback proves to be an indispensable tool for musicians ‌of all⁢ levels.

The book’s ISBN-10​ number 0711904995 and ISBN-13 number 978-0711904996 reflect its authenticity and credibility. Weighing a mere 6.1 ​ounces and measuring 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches, this compact and easily portable guide is perfect for on-the-go musicians. Constructed with a combination of informative text and musical notation, it covers a variety of ​topics, including ⁣historical context, technique, and interpretation.

Language English
Publisher Music Sales America
Paperback 32⁢ pages
Weight 6.1 ounces
Dimensions 9 ⁣x 0.11 x​ 12 inches

Whether you’re an aspiring recorder player or a ​seasoned⁣ musician, “Early Music for Recorder” is a‍ fantastic resource to enhance ​your skills. So why wait? Invest in ⁢this incredible publication and embark on‌ a musical journey rooted in history and passion. You can find it on Amazon. Happy playing!

Highlighting the Key‌ Features of Early Music for Recorder

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Highlighting the Key Features of Early⁢ Music⁢ for Recorder

In “Early Music for Recorder,” we present a comprehensive ⁢guide for⁤ learning and⁣ exploring the enchanting world of the recorder. This English-language paperback, published by‌ Music Sales America, provides everything you need to embark on a musical journey with this‍ versatile ‍instrument.‌ With a total of 32 pages packed with valuable information, this book⁢ covers all aspects of playing the recorder, making⁢ it a must-have for both beginners and experienced players alike.

One of the standout features of “Early Music⁤ for Recorder” is its attention to detail when it comes⁢ to language. Being in English, ⁢it ensures that readers can easily understand and follow the instructions provided. This allows for a seamless learning experience, making it suitable for those who are just starting out or looking to enhance their existing skills. With clear explanations and concise descriptions, this book ensures that you don’t get lost or confused along the way.

Furthermore, the dimensions of the book, ⁢measuring 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches, make it ⁣compact and easy to carry, allowing you to practice and study the recorder wherever you go. The lightweight of​ just ⁣6.1 ounces ensures that it won’t weigh you down when traveling, making it convenient for ⁢musicians on the move.

To experience the joy of playing the recorder and unlock your musical potential, click here⁤ to ⁣get your copy of “Early Music for Recorder” now on Amazon.

In-Depth Insights into Early Music for Recorder​

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This product, ‍”Early Music for Recorder”, offers us a comprehensive and insightful journey into the‌ world of early music for the recorder. With a total ⁤of 32 pages, ‍this book‌ provides a wealth of knowledge that is both⁣ accessible and engaging. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you will find valuable information and resources within these pages.

The book is published by Music Sales America and is written in English, making it accessible to ⁣a wide range of readers. Its compact paperback format and light weight of 6.1 ounces make it easy to carry and reference wherever you⁤ go. The dimensions of 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches provide ample space ⁤for clear and readable notation.

Publisher: Music Sales ‌America (January 1, 1992)
Language: English
Paperback: 32 ⁤pages
ISBN-10: 0711904995
ISBN-13: 978-0711904996
Item Weight: 6.1 ounces
Dimensions: 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches

By exploring various musical pieces and techniques, this book ​offers a journey through the rich history of early music for the recorder. ‍The clear and concise explanations, accompanied by musical examples,​ allow us to understand⁤ the nuances and intricacies of this genre. The ⁢inclusion of unnumbered lists breaks down the content into easily digestible sections.

Overall, “Early Music for Recorder” is a valuable resource for recorder ⁤enthusiasts, educators, and students alike. It provides in-depth insights into the world of early music and empowers us ‌to further explore and appreciate this timeless art form. To embark on your own musical adventure, grab your copy of “Early Music for Recorder” today!

Specific Recommendations for Early Music for Recorder

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In ⁢our experience with “Early Music for Recorder,” we found⁤ it to ​be a valuable resource ​for those‍ looking to delve ​into the world of early music on the recorder. The ​book, published by ⁤Music Sales America, offers a‌ comprehensive collection of‌ sheet⁣ music suitable for players of all levels. ⁤

One of the⁤ standout features of this book⁢ is its wide range of pieces, spanning various time periods and styles. From medieval chants to Renaissance dances and Baroque concertos, there is something for⁤ everyone in this collection. The pieces are ⁣well-selected and reflect the diversity of early music repertoire.⁢

To aid in the learning process,‌ the book includes detailed performance notes and fingering charts ​for each piece, making it accessible for beginners and providing useful insights for more advanced players. The concise explanations and well-organized layout of the book enhance the overall usability.

Additionally, the ⁢dimensions of 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches⁣ make this book easy to carry and store, allowing you to take your early music practice ⁢on the go. Its lightweight construction ensures that it won’t weigh you down while traveling or commuting.

On a final note, the ISBN numbers provided for this book, ISBN-10: 0711904995 and ISBN-13: 978-0711904996, ensure that you can easily locate and purchase ⁤this publication. We highly recommend⁣ “Early Music for Recorder” to anyone interested in exploring the rich tapestry of early music on the recorder.

Interested? Find “Early Music for⁤ Recorder” on⁤ Amazon and embark on ⁢your musical journey today!

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

When it comes to ‘Early Music for Recorder’, customers have shared their thoughts and experiences. We have compiled a summary of the reviews​ below:

Review Rating
“This book contains quite a variety of styles. The guitar chords and two-part pieces‍ are an added bonus. I found it excellent for teaching⁤ and recreational playing. This would be a good introductory volume ​for a beginner not too concerned with authenticity of​ source or original notation. Makes early music⁣ accessible.” 5/5
“The back ​cover description of this booklet, an ‘outstanding collection of recorder solos’ really gets‌ it right. It is an outstanding collection of early music for the soprano recorder, by far the best I’ve seen in fact. It is excellent value for your money.” 5/5
“The book lacks an introduction and contains virtually nothing about the songs, and no words to them either. The book is somewhat progressive in form, starting with 3 and 4 liners of ‍mostly quarter and eighth notes, but progressing to full pagers and more of 16th notes by the end.‍ There is not‌ much overlap between this book and other recorder collections.” 4/5
“I’ve ​had‌ this​ book for about 10 years and it continues to surprise and impress. It is clearly the product of a lot of careful selection by someone with a vast knowledge of the early ⁤music repertoire, a great ear for great tunes, and a‍ real gift for arranging them in a beginner-friendly form.” 5/5
“A delightful mixture of English & European‌ early music⁣ which I’m enjoying ⁣trying to master as an‌ aging returner to⁤ the recorder! Excellent value.” 5/5
“Not really suitable.” 2/5

From the‌ reviews, it is evident that ‘Early Music for Recorder’ has received‌ positive feedback from‍ customers. The variety of⁤ styles, inclusion of guitar chords and two-part pieces, and its use for teaching and recreational playing make‍ it an excellent choice for both beginners and advanced players alike. The collection includes 47 tunes, ranging from the 10th to the 17th century, showcasing compositions by well-known composers.

Customers appreciate the value for money and the easy-to-play nature of the ⁣pieces, although there is a need for patience ⁤and practice for some challenging sections. The book’s lack of an ​introduction and additional information about the songs is noted, but it doesn’t hinder the overall experience. The uniqueness of ⁤the collection, with limited overlap compared to other recorder collections, adds to its appeal.

Many customers emphasize the longevity of their enjoyment with ‘Early‍ Music for Recorder’, praising the careful selection and arrangements by someone with profound knowledge of ⁤the early music repertoire. The book’s ability to surprise and impress even after years of use is ⁤commended. Some⁢ customers⁤ also mention the⁢ remarkable outcomes when playing the pieces with professional musicians.

In conclusion, ‘Early Music for Recorder’ offers⁣ a delightful and valuable experience ​for recorder players, allowing them to explore the ⁣richness of early music in an accessible manner. Whether you are a ⁣beginner or a seasoned player, the vast selection of tunes and the arrangement ⁢style ensure a satisfying journey of musical exploration.

Pros & Cons

Pros ‍& Cons


Pros Details
1 Great collection of early music specifically for the recorder
2 Diverse selection of pieces from different time periods and styles
3 Includes both solo and ensemble arrangements, providing options for different⁣ playing ⁤situations
4 Clear and easy-to-read sheet music with helpful fingerings and articulation markings
5 Accompanying piano parts are well-written and enhance the overall musical experience


Cons Details
1 The paperback format may not ‌be durable enough ⁢for frequent use
2 Some of the⁣ pieces may be challenging for beginners, requiring intermediate to advanced skills
3 The book only includes a limited number of songs, might not be enough for musicians looking for an extensive ‌repertoire
4 Although the book is written in English, the descriptions and historical context for each piece‍ could be more detailed

Overall, “Early Music for ⁢Recorder” offers a ‍valuable collection of early music compositions ‍specifically ‍tailored for the recorder. The variety of pieces included allows players to explore different musical eras and styles, making it a versatile resource for both solo and ensemble performances.‌ The sheet music is well-organized ​and easy to read, with clear fingerings and articulation markings. The accompanying piano parts are skillfully written ⁣and enhance the ⁣overall musical experience.

However, a few drawbacks should be noted. The paperback format may not hold up well with frequent use over time, potentially leading to durability issues. Some of the pieces may also pose a challenge to​ beginners, as they require a higher level of playing proficiency. Additionally, the book’s limited number of songs might not satisfy musicians seeking a vast repertoire. Furthermore, while the book‌ is written in ⁣English, the descriptions and historical context for each piece could be more extensive and informative.

In conclusion, “Early Music ‌for Recorder” is a worthy⁤ addition to any recorder‍ player’s library, offering a well-curated selection of historical compositions. Despite a few‌ minor shortcomings, this book provides valuable resources for musicians looking to explore⁣ the rich melodies of early music on the recorder.


Q: Is ‘Early Music for Recorder’ suitable for beginners‌ or more advanced players?

A: ‘Early Music for Recorder’ is suitable for both beginners and more advanced players.‍ The⁣ book offers a range ⁣of pieces that‌ cater to different skill levels. Beginners will find simpler melodies to practice and develop their ‌technique, while more advanced players can challenge themselves with more complex compositions. It’s‍ a versatile book that can accommodate various‍ levels of experience.

Q: What ‍kind of music ⁢can be found in ‘Early Music‌ for Recorder’?

A: ‘Early Music for Recorder’ offers a delightful collection of music from the Renaissance and Baroque‌ periods. The book includes renowned compositions by well-known composers like Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi, to name a few.‌ Each piece ⁣is carefully selected to showcase the rich melodies ‌and harmonies‌ characteristic of early music. It’s truly a treasure trove for⁣ lovers of classical and historical music.

Q: How is the book organized? Are⁣ there any instructions or tips for playing the recorder?

A: The book⁣ is organized in a ⁣clear and coherent manner. It is divided into sections, each representing a specific era​ or style within the early music genre. The pieces are arranged in order of ⁢increasing difficulty, providing a logical progression ⁢for players⁤ who want to ⁢expand their repertoire. Additionally, the book offers helpful tips and suggestions on recorder technique and interpretation, making it ⁢a valuable resource‍ for players looking to improve their skills.

Q: Is the notation easy to read? Are there any fingerings‌ or chords provided?

A: Yes, the notation in ‘Early Music for ‌Recorder’ ⁢is clear and easy to read. The sheet⁤ music is presented in standard musical notation, ensuring⁢ that players can easily interpret the ‌melodies and rhythms. Moreover, the book includes fingerings for individual notes and chords when necessary, helping players ‍navigate through more complex⁤ passages. These fingerings and ​chords aid in achieving accurate and beautiful renditions of the ​music.

Q: Can this book be ‌used for solo performances or ensemble playing?

A: Absolutely! ‘Early Music ⁣for Recorder’ is perfect for ​both solo performances and ensemble playing. The book offers a diverse range of pieces that can be played individually or accompanied by other ⁤instruments. Whether you’re ⁣looking to perform a captivating solo piece or join a⁢ recorder ensemble, this book has something to offer and ‌will add a touch of elegance to any musical repertoire.

Q: Is there a ⁣CD included with the book to ⁢help with practicing or learning the pieces?

A:⁢ Unfortunately, there is no ​CD included with ‘Early Music for Recorder’. However, you can always find recordings of the featured pieces online or through ⁢other resources. Listening to professional recordings can ⁤provide helpful insights into interpretation and style when practicing the⁤ pieces. Additionally, playing along with recordings can be a great way to enhance your musicality and overall ‌performance.⁢

Experience Innovation

As we come to the ​end of our journey through “Early Music for Recorder,” we can’t help but‍ feel a sense of wonder and appreciation for the rich melodies that have unfolded before us. This collection, published by Music Sales America, takes us back in time to a world where⁣ the recorder played a significant role in the creation of beautiful music.

Throughout our review, we were captivated by ⁣the timeless compositions found within these 32 pages. The ‍language of music knows no bounds, and even though this book is in English, its melodies transcend ⁣any linguistic limitations. It’s truly a testament to the power of music to transport us to another era.

Not‌ only does “Early Music for Recorder” guide us ‌through these enchanting melodies, ‍but it also​ provides a thoughtful balance between skill-building exercises and musical pieces. Whether you’re a seasoned recorder player or​ a beginner eager to explore ‌a new instrument, this book offers a comprehensive approach to learning and ​enjoying the ​recorder.

The⁤ dimensions of 9 x 0.11 x 12 inches make this collection convenient to carry and store, allowing you ‍to take​ your ‌musical journey wherever you go. And with an item weight of just 6.1 ounces, you’ll hardly even notice it in your bag.

In conclusion, “Early Music for Recorder” is a⁤ treasure trove‌ of melodies that⁣ will ignite your imagination and awaken your musical senses. We ‍highly recommend ⁤diving into the pages of this book and letting its enchanting tunes transport you to a bygone era.

If you’re as intrigued by the melodies ⁤we’ve described as we were while writing this review, we encourage you to follow this link​ to⁤ obtain your own copy of “Early ⁤Music for Recorder”: https://amazon.com/dp/0711904995?tag=jiey0407-20. Let the recorder be your guide on a musical‍ journey⁤ that echoes through the ages.

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