When it comes to staying cool‌ (or warm) on the go, ⁣the Wagan EL6206 12V‍ 6 Quart ‌Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer is our new go-to travel companion. With the ‌ability to⁢ cool items down to⁢ approximately 36°F ‌below ambient temperature or warm them up ⁢to around 140°F, this portable electric cooler is a versatile powerhouse for any road trip, camping adventure, or RV⁢ journey. Not only is it earth-friendly ‍with no CFCs or refrigerants, but its ‌compact‌ size and built-in carry strap make it easy ⁢to transport without any hassle. Join us as we dive ‌into the ins and outs of the Wagan EL6206⁤ and discover‍ why it’s the perfect solution for keeping your drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature while you’re on the move.

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The Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler is an essential ⁣companion for any⁢ road trip, camping adventure, or long drive. With both cooling ‌and warming functions, this compact fridge/warmer can​ cool items to approximately 36°F below the ambient‍ temperature or warm them up to around 140°F. The dual function capability ensures your food and beverages⁣ are‌ kept at ‌the perfect ⁤temperature no matter where you are.

Designed for‍ convenience, this portable electric cooler/warmer features a built-in carry strap that allows you to easily transport it to and ⁤from your destination without any hassle. Additionally, it is eco-friendly as it does not contain any CFCs or refrigerants that⁣ could⁢ harm the environment. The 6-quart capacity provides ample storage ⁢space for your road trip essentials while maintaining a small⁢ footprint ‌in your vehicle. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your travel experience with the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler – click ⁣here to​ get yours today! Check it out on Amazon.

Unique Features and Versatility

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When‍ it comes to , ⁣this portable electric cooler/warmer definitely stands out from the crowd. Not only ⁢does it have the ability to​ cool your drinks and food items to a temperature of approximately ⁢36°F below the ambient temperature, but it‍ can also warm items up to around 140°F. This dual function is perfect for ​any situation, whether you’re on a road ‌trip, camping, or just need a convenient way to transport your items.

The compact size of this cooler makes it incredibly versatile, able to hold ⁤up to‌ 9 (12oz.) cans while taking up ‍minimal space in your vehicle. With its built-in​ carry strap, you can easily transport this 6 quart personal fridge/warmer to and from your destination without any​ hassle. Plus, you can feel good ‌knowing that it’s an earth-friendly choice, as it ⁤has no CFCs or refrigerants that could⁣ harm the environment. Say goodbye to bulky coolers and hello to this convenient and​ eco-friendly solution. If you’re looking for a portable ‌electric cooler/warmer that offers both cooling and warming functions ⁣in a compact and earth-friendly package, this product is the perfect ⁤choice for you. Check it out on Amazon ‌for more details!

In-Depth Review‍ and Performance Analysis

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Upon testing the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer, we were impressed by its dual ⁤functionality. The ability‍ to cool items to approximately 36°F below ambient temperature and warm items up to​ 140°F⁢ makes it a versatile option for both keeping beverages chilled on a hot day or ​warming up snacks during a cool evening. The pre-chill/pre-heat feature ⁢also helps​ to speed up the process, ensuring your items ⁢reach the desired temperature quickly.

Additionally, we found the compact capacity of ‌this⁣ cooler to​ be‌ ideal for road trips, as it allows for storage of necessities without taking up too‍ much space in the ⁢vehicle. The built-in carry strap adds to‍ its convenience, making it easy to‍ transport to and ⁣from‌ your⁤ destination. ⁢Furthermore, the eco-friendly ‍design with​ no CFCs or refrigerant ensures peace⁢ of mind, knowing that there is no harmful substance that could leak out and deplete the ozone. With its⁣ compact size, versatile functions, and earth-friendly design, the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer is a reliable option for car, RV, and ​camping use.

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Our Recommendations

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We ⁤highly recommend the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart ⁤Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer for anyone looking for a compact‌ and versatile solution for keeping drinks and snacks at the perfect temperature while on the go. With dual cooling and warming functions, this portable electric cooler can reach temperatures as low⁢ as 36°F below ambient temperature or as high as 140°F, making it ideal for storing both chilled‍ beverages and warm meals. The built-in carry strap‌ adds convenience for transporting the ⁤6-liter capacity cooler to and from your destination without⁢ any hassle.

This eco-friendly ⁤cooler/warmer operates using thermo-electric cooling technology, ensuring there ‍are⁣ no CFCs or⁤ refrigerants that can harm the‌ environment. The compact size of the Wagan EL6206 allows⁣ for easy storage of road trip essentials while taking⁢ up minimal space in your vehicle. Whether you’re heading out for a camping ​trip, road trip, or just a day‌ out ⁤in the⁤ RV, this small fridge is a must-have ‌accessory. Don’t miss‍ out on the convenience and ​practicality of​ this portable cooler/warmer -⁣ click here to purchase on Amazon! Buy now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After ‍going through numerous‌ reviews of ‌the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart​ Personal‍ Thermoelectric, we have gathered some key insights:

Positive Reviews

Picked because it is small and⁣ inexpensive
Keeps drinks and sandwiches cold in 90° desert areas
Perfect for daily lunch box with plenty⁤ of room⁣ for food ⁤and drinks
Great for long road ‍trips, keeps snacks and drinks nice and cold
Easy to reach from the front seat, low noise level
Works well after​ repairs and modifications

Negative Reviews

Not ⁣suitable for cooling items from room‍ temperature
Cigarette lighter cord melts with heavy ⁤use
Need to⁢ turn off before starting the car to avoid damage
Low cooling power, only maintains cold temperatures
No start-up protection, can ⁣potentially damage ⁢circuitry

Overall Verdict

While the ⁣Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler-wamer has ‍received mixed reviews, it is generally praised for ​its portability and ability⁣ to keep items cold for extended periods. Some users have experienced⁢ issues with cooling ⁢power and ⁢durability, suggesting⁤ that improvements to wiring and connectors could enhance performance. For those in ‌need of ⁢a small​ and lightweight cooler for short trips and limited cooling requirements, ⁣this model​ may be a suitable option.

Pros &‌ Cons

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Pros & Cons


  • Dual function: can cool or warm items
  • Compact size perfect for car, RV, or camping use
  • Earth-friendly with no CFCs or⁢ refrigerants
  • Built-in carry​ strap for easy transportation
  • Efficient thermo-electric⁣ cooling technology


  • 6 quart capacity may be small⁣ for some users
  • Maximum‌ cooling temperature may not be sufficient for ⁣all needs
  • May take some time to ‌reach desired temperature


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Q: Can this ‍Wagan⁤ truck refrigerator fit in my ⁤car’s cup holder?
A:⁤ Unfortunately, the Wagan EL6206 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer is not designed‍ to‌ fit ‌in a⁤ car’s cup holder due to its larger size. However, it does come with a built-in carry strap for‌ easy transport to and from your vehicle.

Q: How long does it take for this portable electric cooler/warmer⁤ to reach its max cooling/warming temperature?
A:‍ The time it takes for the Wagan⁣ EL6206 12V 6 Quart⁤ Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer to reach its maximum cooling/warming temperature can vary depending on the starting temperature of the items inside the‌ unit. Pre-chilling or pre-heating your items can help the unit reach its desired temperature more quickly.

Q: Is this small fridge for‌ car, RV, and camping use eco-friendly?
A: ⁢Yes, the Wagan EL6206 12V‌ 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric cooler/warmer⁤ is eco-friendly as​ it ‍does not⁤ contain any CFCs or refrigerants that⁢ can harm the ozone layer. It uses thermo-electric cooling,‍ which is a⁢ simple transfer of electrical current,‍ making it‌ a more environmentally friendly option for cooling/warming‍ your items‍ on the go.⁣

Transform Your ‍World

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As we wrap up our review of the Wagan EL6206 12V ‍6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer, we can’t help but ‌be‍ impressed by its dual functionality, compact design, and eco-friendly features. Whether you’re heading ⁣out on a road trip, camping adventure, or ​simply need to keep‌ your snacks cool on the go, this portable ‌electric cooler has ‌got you covered.

With the ability ⁤to cool items up ⁣to 36°F ⁤below ambient temperature and warm them up to 140°F, this versatile fridge is a must-have for any⁣ traveler. Its convenient carry strap makes transporting it a breeze, while its thermo-electric cooling‍ technology ensures efficiency without harming‍ the environment.

If you’re⁢ ready to elevate your on-the-go chilling experience, click the link below to purchase the Wagan‌ EL6206​ 12V 6 Quart Personal Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer on Amazon today!

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